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Test Your Data Privacy Readiness: How Do You Measure Up?

Heidi Willbanks

Your company might be putting full attention on ensuring it’s a responsible steward of user and customer data. But how can you be sure your efforts are enough? This data privacy checklist can help you measure your processes against the most stringent standards.

Companies doing business internationally continue to be challenged with regard to data privacy and residency, even for data stored in the cloud. This is an issue of growing importance, as evidenced by Microsoft’s recent data privacy court case. In that case, Microsoft argued, U.S. authorities should have no jurisdiction over data stored abroad. A number of companies (including Apple, Amazon, AT&T, Cisco, Salesforce, HP, eBay, Infor, Rackspace, and Verizon) are supporting Microsoft in its stance that the U.S. government should rely on established legislation regarding data collection, rather than attempt to enforce its own law in a foreign country.

Mass surveillance of personal data by European Union member states has also pushed this issue to the forefront, and spurred the EU to set tough laws regulating foreign intelligence gathering, electronic surveillance, privacy, and personal data protection.

These issues, combined with frequent news of data breaches and thefts, have caused global corporations to adapt their IT infrastructure to support varied regional data protection regulations, or face the serious consequences.

However, not everyone knows exactly what’s needed to operate in the new data privacy landscape. How can global enterprises ensure compliance with strict new regional, employee, and corporate regulations in this new world of data privacy? Even more urgently: How do you know whether your assumptions that your data strategies are adequate are correct?

Take our Data Privacy Readiness Test, below, to find out if your company is data privacy ready.

Data Privacy Readiness Test from Druva

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