The Sky’s the Limit – and it Just Got a Bit Closer

Every night, the skies above California are bright with lights. Among the stars and planets are planes, satellites and periodically, the International Space Station. It’s awe-inspiring to watch them go by but those lights in the sky also represent tremendous journeys for all involved – the glimmer of an idea turned into an achievement, with months, years and decades of work in between.

Among all of those lights is the North Star, Druva’s namesake, which travelers have looked to for centuries to be their certain and constant guide. Like this guiding light, Druva stands for the definitive certainty that businesses can depend upon for their true business continuity and information governance needs. For the past eight years we’ve worked to provide the steadfast guidance our customers trust us to provide.

Helping us shine a little brighter, today we announced a new financing round of $51M led by longtime investor Sequoia Capital and a new backer, EDBI. Two new investors joined the round – Blue Cloud Ventures and Hercules Capital – as well as our existing investors Nexus Venture Partners, Tenaya Capital and NTT Finance.  This is an exciting moment for all of us at Druva, and it comes at a time when we’re experiencing tremendous growth and transformation.

The public cloud is creating new opportunities for how enterprises protect and manage their information and Druva has pioneered this path. Our focus started off on solving an underserved market for data protection for mobility & the mobile workforce, and has now extended into a broad platform anchored around the public cloud. This has expanded from endpoints to servers and to a new generation of cloud applications. We worked hard to leverage the public cloud and solve some of the highly manual processes like information governance and compliance, and to add other capabilities, like workload mobility, to our backup services.

Since closing our last round in 2014, we’ve been busy, and we’re proud of our success. The launch of our second product line – Phoenix – in 2014 extended our reach into enterprise server workloads, and we’ve seen phenomenal  traction with companies ready to adopt the public cloud to modernize data protection. 2015 saw Gartner reaffirming that inSync, our flagship end-user data protection and governance platform, continues to be the industry leader. We continue to lead the market and increasingly build data protection and management services into our platform to meet the governance and business continuity needs of our customers.

It’s not just developing industry-leading products though. We’re focused on building a world-class organization that can meet the needs of enterprises across the globe. We’ve opened additional offices worldwide, in Japan, Germany, Australia, the Netherlands, and Hong Kong. Plus we were proud to launch a fully localized version of inSync within Japan. Companies across the globe rely on us to be their guiding light.

So where do we go from here? This new infusion of funding will help supercharge our growth. We’ll continue to scale globally, especially with new investments within the Asia Pacific region. We’ll also accelerate our product development, ensuring our customers will be able to derive even greater value from their data. We filed 7 new patent applications over the past year and will see even more in the coming months.

It’s not just developing industry-leading products though. We’re focused on building a world-class organization that can meet the needs of enterprises across the globe.

Fundamentally, our business today has some unfair advantages that we’re well positioned to exploit:

  • We’ve built a platform that allows us to do much more with the data already stored and our customers are guiding us to help them get even more value out of their data. To this end, we’re looking at machine learning very aggressively.
  • Our operational expertise in running a large scale public cloud platform makes us agile in both development and delivery.
  • We’ve developed sales & marketing efficiency in not only onboarding enterprise customers to the Druva cloud platform, but also the ability to serve them increasingly better,  which means we can scale even faster today.

In short, our velocity is increasing and we’re about to jump to lightspeed. It’s going to be a great ride.