Security Breaches Are On The Rise, But Preventable

Jaspreet Singh, Founder and CEO

Recent research validates what most security professionals already know – security breaches are on the rise. However, what may be news to them is that some 92% of security breaches are actually avoidable!

According to PrivacyRights.Org, a data security information clearinghouse, security breaches cost US businesses $48 Billion in 2011 alone. Over the last five years, more than 562 Million records have been compromised. Nevertheless, security professionals have the power to prevent a majority of these incidents by taking some surprisingly easy measures.

Our cloud security team at Druva conducted a simple study to understand these threats. They found that:

  • 42% of these incidents could have been prevented using DAC (Data Access Control)
  • Source data encryption could have prevented another 28% of these compromises
  • Secure data backup could have prevented another 32% of the occurrences

US businesses could have saved some $44 Billion, not to mention the productivity and time savings associated with recovering from a data breach. Other intangibles to consider are failing customer sentiment and reputation.

If we take into account that 70% of security incidents occur because of an end user error (lost portable device, unintended disclosure, physical loss, etc), it’s increasingly important to insure ourselves with better technology. After all, end-users are human, and technology like backup, data loss prevention, and encryption can protect us from being ourselves.

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