Riding the Forrester Wave

Thomas Been, CMO

For any organization, the data landscape evolves quickly, creating new opportunities to drive transformation and generate new insights, access computing power on demand and accelerate innovation. As the value of these transformation opportunities increases, so does the responsibility to protect this growing volume of data from threats such as malware / ransomware, data loss and outages. The importance of data as a currency in our digital economy is giving rise to new regulations governing data requiring compliance.

The challenge for IT teams is how to adapt their data protection capabilities to this new data landscape, respond to new threats and support the business by pulling more value from their most critical asset: data.

A new approach to data resiliency is required, and Forrester has responded with a Forrester Wave report for Data Resiliency Solutions, naming Druva as one of the top vendors in this market.

The Forrester Wave: Why it’s a great customer resource

The Forrester Wave for Data Resiliency focuses on a vendor’s capabilities for data center and cloud workloads, assessing the scope of workload coverage, features, and support capabilities in those areas. As applications migrate or are built in the cloud, these workloads and their data sets pose a significant data protection challenge for organizations in their journey to the cloud.

The Forrester Wave is a great resource to understand the various vendor alternatives for data resiliency, and when to choose them. It’s a factual, thorough assessment of solutions, including customer interviews, which drives the rating that each vendor receives.

In order to make it into the Forrester Wave, vendors have to meet stringent inclusion criteria and be considered a significant vendor delivering a strong, viable solution that meets the data resiliency challenges business face today. This is one of the reasons why we at Druva are excited about this report. Our inclusion reflects the market adoption for our SaaS solutions, and the value our customers are gaining for their organizations. Since we protect more than just data center and cloud workloads, we have even more reason to be excited about our ratings.

Data resiliency trends / requirements

One of the biggest challenges today comes from the transition to cloud computing, with both applications and data making the transition to the cloud. This leaves some data unprotected as it leaves traditional data center-oriented protection. The volume of data is exploding across workloads as well, straining IT’s ability to keep up with protecting and managing data at scale. Loss of access to this data is very costly, and businesses can lose millions of dollars during a data outage.

Data resiliency solutions need to manage workloads that span data centers and cloud seamlessly, from a single-pane-of-glass management console in order to simplify the IT admin’s job. The solution needs to scale simply and efficiently, to keep the cost of data resiliency as low as possible. More than just protection, data resiliency solutions need to add more value to the data being protected in the form of analytics, ransomware detection, and federated search capabilities.

For these reasons and more, it’s time for businesses to reassess their current data protection and adopt a data-resiliency mindset that addresses the challenges of today.

The solution: Druva

Forrester named Druva a “Strong Performer” in the newly published Forrester Wave Report 2019. This is our debut appearance in the Forrester Wave for Data Resiliency, and we’re excited to be selected. We’re especially proud of what Forrester had to say about Druva and the value we bring to customers (emphasis is ours):

“Druva’s SaaS delivers immense value and quick time-to-market. Druva stands firm with its unique position of delivering data resiliency as a service.“

This describes exactly what we’re hearing from our customers about our market and the value we bring to the table. Our unique approach to data protection allows us to deliver continuous innovation to our customers at a lower TCO than the competition. Our customers have left behind the overhead of managing their backup environment, trusting in Druva’s SaaS platform for their data resiliency needs.

Our customers, our strategy and the strength of our products are fueling our momentum in the market, and we celebrate our strong position in the Forrester Wave that reflects our market momentum.

This is just the beginning for Druva, as we continue to execute on a strong product strategy to accelerate our customers’ journey to the cloud.

The Forrester Wave is an ideal resource for anyone assessing their data protection strategy, and how a future-ready data resiliency solution can deliver the best value for your business. Explore more in the Forrester Wave: Data Resiliency Solutions, Q3 2019.

Forrester and Druva are teaming up on a live webinar “Data resiliency moves to the cloud, featuring Forrester”. Listen live Oct 2, 2019 at 11am PT/ 2pm ET or on-demand.