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Revolution Company accelerates its cloud transition with Druva — protecting its VMs and Microsoft 365 data

Revolution Company agrees with many other Druva customers — backing up data from software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Salesforce with a solution that requires on-premises hardware just doesn’t make sense. 

When the company was looking to replace Backupify for its Microsoft Exchange Online and OneDrive data for its 425 users, it briefly looked at CommVault and Veeam, but quickly eliminated both solutions, instead choosing Druva.

“Going with Veeam meant I would have had to provision servers for storage and backups. That on-premises server would have to do local backups, then send those backups to the cloud. It didn’t make sense,”  said Phil Collins, Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Revolution Company.

“When we saw Druva at work, it was obvious it did everything we needed,” Phil said. “It runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS), meaning you can’t run executables in the space where our backups reside — so Druva gives us the ransomware protection we need.”

Cutting on-premises hardware, software costs, and maintenance 

Druva is a SaaS data protection solution that protects and manages enterprise backup data across data center, cloud, and endpoint workloads. Delivered as-a-service and built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Druva Cloud Platform is infinitely scalable, and on-demand to meet customers’ business needs. This enables customers like Revolution Company to reduce the cost and complexity of cloud data protection, increase cyber resilience, maintain compliance, and accelerate and protect cloud projects.

One of the differentiators articulated repeatedly from Druva customers all over the globe is that using Druva means they can leave behind on-premises infrastructure, hardware refresh cycles, and time consuming software maintenance.

For Revolution Company, Druva enabled Phil and team to reduce the time spent managing backups of Microsoft 365 and its VMs by 93 percent. “With Druva, I spend maybe five minutes. It’s as simple as scrolling through a status update email each day.”

With Druva, customers leave behind the costs and complexities found in solutions, like Backupify and HPE SimpliVity at Revolution Company, that weren’t built for the cloud.

Druva support — a proven leader in the field

According to Phil, switching to Druva was frictionless — a welcome relief after dealing with Backupify support. “I couldn’t depend on them. I would try to restore something and it wouldn’t work. The support team took days to respond,” he said.

But with Druva,“The customer support was unbelievable,” Phil said. “They walked with me every step of the way and made sure I was 100 percent comfortable.”

Phil added, “With Backupify, I got locked out of my account because of an authentication error. It took Backupify customer support days to get back to me, and one week to get access to backups. With Druva, I always get a response the same day.”

Druva’s philosophy is that customer success is driven by the customers themselves across the account lifecycle, and that innovation within the product, the support portal experience, services, education, and documentation is critical. 

What’s next?

Read the Revolution Company case study to learn more about how Druva provides a single pane of glass through which Phil’s team can manage VM and Microsoft 365 backups, while benefiting from ransomware protection.