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Powerful Enterprise Search for eDiscovery and Compliance

Anant Mahajan

Without the ability to understand what data you have and find the information you need, when you need it, the data itself does not provide much (if any) value. Organizations have long struggled with the complexities of storing an ever-increasing volume of data coming from a more diverse landscape of sources, but, once it’s stored, what happens next? In order to extract the value needed from the data, you first have to be able to find it by leveraging attributes beyond file names. With powerful trends like mobile computing and cloud services that fuel innovation and provide a compelling “pay-as-you-go” business case, more data is created and migrated outside of the physical boundaries of the corporate data center. This migration creates a much broader data attack surface while simultaneously making information management much more complex, requiring companies to know what data they have no matter where it lives — at all times.

As the industry’s leading cloud information management company, Druva has historically provided organizations with a simple and secure means of protecting information on traditional desktops and servers, SaaS applications, and mobile devices, as well as automating critical legal and compliance functions. However, just being able to protect information and automate functions is not good enough.

Announcing “Enterprise Search”
Druva is excited to announce a new Enterprise Search capability to empower multiple stakeholders throughout the organization to be able to find data on demand from multiple sources using multiple layers. With Enterprise Search, Druva inSync will provide users with an intuitive, comprehensive, and faster search capability to enable greater visibility into the broader data landscape of mobile endpoint and popular SaaS applications such as Office 365, Box, Google Apps, and SharePoint Online. Druva Enterprise Search will enable organizations to:

  • Expedite searches of backed-up data to accelerate the restoration process
  • Investigate, respond to, and recover from fraud, theft, and security breaches
  • Streamline data collection and assessment for compliance and eDiscovery        
Enterprise search for ediscovery and compliance

Accelerated Access and Restoration
IT administrators and end users need to have quick, easy access to archived data to ensure high productivity and anytime access to data. End users also often need to search through their emails backed up from Exchange Online or Gmail to identify relevant content before restoring it back to their account. And, in the case of end users leaving an organization, IT administrators are tasked with restoring an end user’s mailbox to a different user account. In such scenarios, a flexible search capability that allows you to specify email metadata filters like From, To/Cc/Bcc, Sent/Received date timestamps, Attachments Only, Subject, etc are of immense value in quickly restoring the relevant content to the right account.

Investigate, Respond, and Recover
Information, no matter where it lives, is under constant threat of attack from both internal and external sources. Data sprawl on mobile devices and SaaS applications doesn’t help this issue, especially when compounded with the issues of Ransomware and Data Misuse, Theft, or Fraud. Information Security and Legal IT teams are often tasked with conducting investigative searches across the entire archive to identify fraudulent activities, potential data thefts, or malicious files that could lead to security breaches. It is critical for IT security and legal teams to be able to quickly identify sensitive data, know all the end users, devices, and SaaS app accounts where such sensitive data resides, and to generate reports and download files and emails for offline review. Enterprise Search enables those administrators to conduct searches to identify highly confidential files and use defensible deletion capabilities to delete such files from data sources where they should not have been stored in the first place.

Streamline Collection and Assessment for eDiscovery and Compliance
inSync’s Search capabilities allow eDiscovery teams to easily and independently conduct searches as part of internal investigations or litigations. With capabilities that include With and Exact Match queries as well as AND / OR operators, inSync Search enables identification of responsive data is seconds and support exports for offline data ingestion and review. Compliance teams can also search data across the entire inSync archive as part of SEC audits and tax-related disputes, expediting the process of retrieving the most relevant data from the archive.

Enterprise Search Details
Here’s a summary of the breadth and depth of the Search capabilities that are available to our inSync customers:

  • Access to search results in less than 3 seconds
  • Support for searching data across Windows, Mac, Linux, Office 365, Box, Google G Suite
  • Support for AND, OR and parenthesis () operators
  • Support for end-user archive access and search
  • Support for Downloads, Native Restores to Cloud apps, Delete
  • Start With and Exact Match queries and grouping of search results by versions
  • Search using SHA1 checksum

Learn more about how Druva Enterprise Search can help your organization at

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