Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) backup 101

W. Curtis Preston, Chief Technology Evangelist

Oracle’s relational database has been the gold standard for managed structured data for decades, with most major businesses relying on it for their mission critical applications. Maintaining relational data integrity during a backup can be complex, which is why Oracle introduced Recovery Manager (RMAN) as the standard tool for data protection vendors to use to quiesce the database prior to creating a backup.

Listen in as the Druva Sales Engineer and Oracle subject matter expert, Nick Stachniak, joins Stephen Manley, Chief Technologist, and W. Curtis Preston, Chief Technical Evangelist, to discuss RMAN and how its usage has changed over the years.

During the podcast, they discuss three different ways that Oracle environments have used it over the years:

  • dump to tape
  • dump to filesystem
  • image copy with incremental merge

They also talk about how Druva uses the relatively new image copy feature to solve its customers’ Oracle backup challenges.