A New Druva Platform Dashboard Experience

Himanshu Arora, Associate Product Manager

Druva’s innovative approach to data protection has transformed how organizations across the globe see data as a business asset instead of an IT headache or ransomware liability. At Druva, not only do we provide best-in-class solutions for your data resilience needs but also try to make sure that your interaction with our platform is easy and intuitive. In this blog, we are going to talk about the new changes that we have introduced on Druva’s platform dashboard and how you can leverage them to enhance your in-product experience.

Before this update, the Druva dashboard showed an aggregated view of all the workloads you’d configured and a set of static links to navigate to the different workloads and services supported by Druva. However, we learned from the data that the usage varies as per the role.  You also told us that it is quite cumbersome and time-consuming to navigate to different parts of the console to get an overview of the information that is most important to you.

We listened to your feedback and we’re happy to announce that we have come up with a revamped dashboard experience for the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud. The redesign provides you with a workload-centric view of all workloads and services that you have configured — giving you a high-level overview of metrics such as total resources configured, their backup size, last backup status, critical alerts, and many more. Not only this, the revamped dashboard allows you to navigate quickly to the pages you visit the most with a single click.

This is how the new dashboard experience looks:

Cloud Platform

The following are the various things you can check out with the revamped dashboard.

1. Data Protection Summary

The sunburst chart gives you an overview of the data protection of respective workloads. The inner ring shows the total backup size and the outer ring shows the last backup status. If the outer ring is all green, you’re all set and the last backup of your configured resources was successful.

The inner ring is clickable and provides a detailed overview of respective workloads, allowing for targeted navigation to the respective jobs page with the appropriate backup status filter applied.

2. All Services

Cloud Platform

All services in the left navigation bar provides you with a catalog of the breadth of services offered by Druva that you can leverage to take care of your data protection and security needs.

Moreover, you can take a “product tour” — an in-app tutorial that will guide you through the user interface (UI) and key offerings of the different solutions offered by Druva.

3. Data Governance & Cyber Resilience Status

The eDiscovery, sensitive data governance, and ransomware recovery cards provide you with a high-level overview of important data governance and cyber resilience features, also allowing for quick and targeted navigation.

4.Critical Alerts

You now receive upfront visibility to all the critical alerts that deserve your attention as soon as you log in to the Druva console. You can also navigate to the respective alerts page to get more granular details.

5. Backup Data Trend

Backup data trends give you a visual view of how your data is growing by workload. This critical information helps you predict and manage your storage needs.

6. License Information

Now you can monitor your license usage with the help of the license bar over the sunbursts. 

Also, we send license expiry notifications two months before the expiry to remind you it's time to hold the renewal conversations with your Druva account executive.

7. Active Support Tickets

With the support widget, you can track the status of all your existing support cases on the dashboard without having to log in to our support portal.

Also, you can also find a list of all our partner integrations on the new dashboard which you can leverage to simplify business operations and extend data protection policies into your existing solution stack.

Next Steps

This new cloud platform is the first step to bringing you more relevant information upfront. It is the first step in a series of changes that you’re going to witness in the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud. Stay tuned for more!

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