New and upcoming Druva security features

W. Curtis Preston, Chief Technology Evangelist

Jatin Thaker joins us on the podcast to talk about the new and upcoming security features of the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud. First, we talk about how Druva increased its support for multi-factor authentication (MFA). Jatin then explains things that MFA does not protect you from, such as a rogue admin, followed by an explanation of new and upcoming features to address those risks.

We talk about forcing admins to specify why a deletion is happening and then delaying the actual deletion of any backups for a user-specified period of time. This will allow a customer to restore any backups that were either inadvertently or maliciously deleted. We then have an interesting conversation on advanced authorization, also called “four eyes” support, where two people are required to approve certain actions. Finally, we discuss upcoming immutability features along with audit logging.

This is a great episode for anyone concerned about the security of their backups.