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The Rise of Phoenix

Chandar Venkataraman

Over the last couple of years, Druva established a clear core competency in delivering a global-scale, world-class, secure, cloud service. We designed our cloud file system for infinite scalability. We acquired new competencies in large-scale cloud operations to serve our largest cloud customers. We provided all the security, privacy, and compliance that our customers require from trusted cloud providers – and we often exceed their expectations.

At the same time, we at Druva also grew our product leadership in endpoint backup, protection, and governance. We learned from our customers how much they wished for similar innovation in server backup, especially to support their remote and branch offices. We learned from those customers about how often server backup was broken at remote sites. It was cumbersome, error-prone, and expensive. More importantly, existing backup software was built for a different age, pre-cloud. Even the so-called cloud offerings were built pre-public cloud.

We knew we had an amazing opportunity to take our core competencies in cloud and backup and offer something very radically different in the market. We set clear goals, creating a solution that’s:

  • Simple
  • Built for the cloud
  • Offering a 10x performance improvement over alternatives
  • Technologically future-proof

For the past several months, we worked with our innovative, early adopters, also called our design partners, to validate and fine-tune our offering. We’ve taken it from concept to prototype to alpha to beta, with active input from people who know what enterprise organizations really need.

Today, we’re proudly announcing the general availability of Druva’s second product line, Druva Phoenix. We can boast:

  • Druva Phoenix is a radically simple unified cloud backup and archiving solution for remote servers.
  • It’s built on our proven nCube architecture on the cloud.
  • It’s priced to offer the lowest TCO in the industry.
  • It’s dramatically fast, with effective speeds of 1Gbps (thanks to our proven global deduplication technology).

We truly believe this is the beginning of a big disruption to come on the cloud for servers.

We can’t wait to talk with all of you who have been wishing for such a product from us!