Introducing Druva’s Expanded Product Tour Catalog

Sarah Doherty, Director of Product Marketing, SaaS Apps

Take a Product Tour 

When users encounter a brand new product, they typically try to understand how to use it themselves before asking for help. If they can figure out the value of the product, it’s a big win for the business. This is where an interactive product tour is helpful for any product user.

Successful companies like Druva are getting used to offering interactive product tours to retain new users, improve feature adoption, and boost product adoption. With our tours, we explain the system and the functionality in an interactive way rather than expect users to understand them by chance.

Product Tours and Their Purpose 

People enjoy discovering an experience by themselves — like a child’s first experience with the world. Product tours offer a safe environment to ensure people discover a product in the most efficient way. It is best if you accompany a child for their first experience rather than leaving them alone in the middle of the world, right?

Product tours aim to improve the comprehension of a product. It provides the ability to walk the first tour with users so they understand how to use the solution step-by-step. This is an excellent opportunity to reveal the real value of a product, and in the meantime, increase user engagement.

Druva recently introduced its first product tour for Microsoft 365 and has received great feedback from customers. We have added to the catalog of tours making it easier for existing or new customers to learn about any new products or features, therefore allowing them to quickly take advantage of these new enhancements.

We will continue to add to our catalog but wanted to launch tours that are relevant to what’s most important to customers looking for data protection. 

Druva product tours with more coming soon:

Take a Product Tour and See for Yourself

All our tours are self-paced, and we encourage you to give them a look. Be sure to keep checking back as we add more valuable resources for you and your teams. 

For an in-depth demo personalized to your specific use case, reach out to Druva sales.