Introducing Dru Assist: Elevating Your Support Experience with Druva

Steven Duff, Product Marketing

At Druva, data security goes beyond mere software—it's about empowering our customers with exceptional support every step of the way. That's why we're thrilled to introduce Dru Assist, the latest innovation in our 'Dru' AI capabilities, designed specifically to revolutionize customer support within the data protection industry.

Enhancing Customer Support with Cutting-edge AI

In the ever-evolving landscape of data security, Druva stands out by not only providing robust, secure, data protection solutions but also by prioritizing superior customer support as highlighted by our impressive NPS score of 89. With the launch of Dru Assist, we're redefining what it means to support our users in the SaaS era. This AI-powered support system isn't just about answering queries—it's about anticipating your needs and delivering instant solutions to provide the best customer experience.

Key Features of Dru Assist

  • AI-Powered Instant Answers: Access instant problem-solving anytime, anywhere. Dru Assist comprehends natural language and provides real-time guidance on setup, configurations, and more.

  • Intuitive In-Product Troubleshooting: Seamlessly navigate through our platform with contextual help and recommendations that simplify your journey.

  • Expert Support Integration: When AI assistance isn't enough, seamlessly transition to live chat with our expert support team, ensuring your queries are resolved promptly and accurately.

  • Personalized Learning Paths: Learn at your own pace with in-app tutorials and video guides that enhance your understanding of data protection best practices.

Why Choose Dru Assist?

Dru Assist isn't just a chatbot—it's your personalized assistant, fully integrated into the Druva console, available 24/7 to streamline your experience with Druva's solutions. Whether you're setting up a new backup policy or troubleshooting an issue, Dru Assist ensures you receive immediate, accurate, and actionable support without the hassle of navigating through traditional FAQs or documentation.

Customer-Centric Innovation

Innovation isn't just about technology; it should enable and empower customers to succeed. By leveraging advanced Gen AI capabilities, Dru Assist embodies our commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences and setting new standards in the data protection and security industry.

In the current threat landscape, ensuring data security is crucial and cannot tolerate any downtime or confusion. To address this, we have integrated support deeply into our platform. Whether it's Dru Assist recommending best practices for rollback actions or a live expert helping you implement zero-trust measures, assistance is immediate and relevant. It's like having a team of data experts available on-demand, making your experience with Druva both secure and exceptionally smooth. This is truly data security on autopilot.

Join Us in Redefining Support

Experience the future of customer support with Dru Assist, where AI-driven technology transforms your data protection journey—making it not only secure but remarkably seamless. Stay ahead of evolving threats and empower your organization with Druva's unmatched support ecosystem. Since Dru Assist has been in limited availability, resolution time has improved by 58%, reducing to 2.9 days.

Customers have enjoyed 100% reliable responses with no AI hallucinations, and see a 91% improvement in response time for first responses. In-app engagement has grown by 55% with increased help article adoption, and 58% of questions are now resolved via Dru Assist, showcasing its impressive deflection capabilities.

Get Started Today

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