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inSync 6.0: Providing the Superior Experience our Customers Expect

Sarah Beaudoin

With the release of inSync 6.0, we’re excited to give our customers a completely redesigned client, providing the best possible experience for Mac users.

User experience has always been important to us. Because of the mobile nature of end user data, the backup process has to be as straightforward and lightweight as possible, not interfering with other tasks or monopolizing bandwidth. An obtrusive backup experience is one that frustrates users and may end up disabled, meaning that data isn’t backed up and protected.

Plus, self sufficient end users can result in significant savings for IT. Time spent restoring files to laptops can be instead focused on important business initiatives or critical projects.

With this in mind, we set out to create an end-user experience that was not only visually elegant, but that would naturally guide users through their tasks.

Intuitive Experience

As we designed the new inSync client, we followed many of the principles within Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines. As a result, inSync users will find that the new client has a modern feel, with a clean and simple aesthetic that also provides common sense navigation and clear direction.



Common actions like backup and restore are at the top of the client window, guiding the users to the actions they most frequently use. Similarly, common actions, like restoring from the most recent backup, are offered first. And if the user needs to restore from an older backup instead, the navigation menu provides logical organization, segmenting snapshots from the past 24 hours, past 7 days and earlier, making it easier to find the correct backup.

inSync 6.0 Client Restore Window

inSync 6.0 Client Restore Window

Finally, we’ve always had Search capabilities within the inSync Client, but now Search is right at the top of the Restore window, making it faster for users to find and restore the file they need.

Simplified Workflows

Beyond the client’s new look and natural design, we also focused on improving how users are guided through various workflows. Our customers rely on inSync for more than just backup, which means users will sometimes need to walk through processes they use infrequently. For instance, many of our customers leverage inSync as they upgrade operating systems or move users onto new devices. They rely on inSync’s ability to backup system and user settings in addition to data, along with the ability for user’s to restore their own data, to alleviate much of the hands-on IT time required during the refresh process.

The improved workflows within the inSync 6.0 Client will make this even easier for IT and users. When it’s time to add a new device to a user’s inSync account, a wizard-based process guides the user through the steps, with common sense labeling designed to remove any uncertainty.

inSync 6.0 Client Add Device Window

inSync 6.0 Client Add Device Window

These streamlined workflows will help users to be more self sufficient. This means less time spent conferring with IT or waiting to get back to work, and more time accomplishing their tasks. And for IT, this means users are able to manage more of their day-to-day data needs and allow the IT team to redirect that time to more pressing business needs.

Built on a Brand New Framework

When it came time to develop the new client, we needed to build it upon a framework that would give us the agility develop across different operating systems and meet not only today’s requirements but also the flexibility to meet tomorrow’s as well. To this end, we selected Electron to provide the foundation our developers required.

Electron provided a number of benefits that made it possible for us to develop a premium user experience:

  • One portable target – Simplifies developing for multiple operating systems and removes many of the challenges in web programming and cross-platform development.
  • Rich API libraries – APIs exist for most all operating system-level needs, making it easy to leverage these when needed.
  • Accessibility  Support of assistive technology provides forward-looking flexibility to make accessibility-related changes within the inSync client.
  • Debuggability – Powerful developer tools simplifies the debugging process.
  • Community – Vast Electron community provides a lot of access to developers, libraries, documentation, and other resources, making Electron easy to learn and improving productivity.

We’re always innovating, so it was imperative we develop the new client upon a framework that will help us continue to provide inSync users a superior experience.

Are you ready to check out the new inSync 6.0 client?  Try inSync for free today!