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IndiGo, one of the safest airlines during COVID-19, relies on Druva for data protection

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As of September 2020, IndiGo, India’s largest airline, was rated as the safest airline to travel in India during the COVID-19 pandemic according to Safe Travel Barometer. IndiGo claims to be the “world’s most comprehensive database for COVID-19 traveler health and safety protocols”, and this company also takes data protection very seriously.

Helping to support its travelers are several thousand IndiGo employees, many of whom have business critical files on their endpoint devices. IndiGo IT understands that data loss and ransomware threats impact the productivity of its local and remote workforce, and that protecting geographically dispersed endpoint devices requires a reliable endpoint backup solution.

As such, it had been using Druva inSync on-premises for endpoint protection for a couple of years. As technologies modernized and cloud computing became more reliable, IndiGo IT wanted to evaluate the total cost of ownership (TCO) and other benefits of moving to cloud-based data protection.

The IT team worked with Nubigo to evaluate Druva inSync in the cloud and in the proof of concept (POC) found that Druva’s patented cloud architecture transformed its backup data into an asset, making it more open and accessible so that they could streamline data governance.

“The global ubiquity of the public cloud brings a higher level of efficiency for backup and recovery. We have been using Druva inSync in the cloud for nearly two years and it is working perfectly. Backups are completed on time without any failures,” said Tushar Cairae, IndiGo’s associate director and head of end user computing.

Cloud-based data protection helps IndiGo reduce 90% of support calls

Before deploying Druva for endpoint data protection, IndiGo’s IT team spent a lot of time responding to end users’ requests for recovering lost files and devices. But now with Druva protecting 3,000 endpoints, more than 90% of support calls for backup and recovery have been eliminated, as end users can do restores on their own without IT intervention.

Instead of the employee having to go without a laptop for a few hours or days, when it needs to be replaced, IT can issue a new laptop and direct the user to log in to Druva inSync and do a quick restore. This keeps end users focused on their work and helps improve productivity,” said Tushar.

The cloud helps to lower costs and increase uptime

Druva has also helped Tushar and team control costs. “Previously, the cost of lost laptops and other mobile devices were usually written off. But over time the costs of these losses accumulated exponentially. When factoring in the device and the data on it, the number of onsite restorations had increased wherein laptops were being sent to external suppliers for data recovery in case of a hard drive crash. Druva contains and reduces this cost in the form of uptime, restored data, and business continuity,” said Tushar.

It’s common for companies to pass such cost savings onto its customers, and IndiGo is doing that in a big way for healthcare workers. In September 2020 the airline released an exclusive discount for healthcare workers, such as doctors and nurses, at a time when India has emerged as the second-worst COVID-hit country in the world.

In a statement on Twitter, the company said “There are some superheroes who got our hearts melting like warm cookies! The ones who have been tougher than the current times – our doctors & nurses, the #ToughCookies. And, because they are plane awesome, we have a sweet lil gesture for them, a 25% discount on flying with us!” Follow IndiGo on Twitter @IndiGo6E.

Next Steps

Read the IndiGo case study to learn more about how Druva enabled them to reduce IT support calls related to data recovery by 90%, protect 3,000 endpoints from data breaches, loss, and misuse, and increase in end-user satisfaction.