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How Do You Reduce Backup Costs by 3x? Maximus Shares Best Practices at illuminate22

Mike Taylor, Content Marketing Manager

Druva customer Maximus has an impressive story by any measure. The services giant reduced its total costs by 3x, while enabling IT to restore data 6x faster, repurposing IT resources for other strategic initiatives. Even more remarkable? Maximus was able to switch its on-premises backup infrastructure to Druva’s SaaS-based solution in a matter of months. 

There’s a lot that other organizations can learn from Maximus’s experience. After realizing these gains and more, Maximus is sharing their insights at Druva illuminate22, the Data Resilience Roadshow at its stop in Santa Clara, CA on October 27, 2022. You can register for this half-day event here and reserve your spot to hear Albert Uy, VP of Technology Architecture and Performance Engineering, discuss learnings and best practices with Druva’s CTO Stephen Manley.

How Maximus Modernized from On-Prem to SaaS-based Backup Infrastructure in less than 4 Months

Maximus delivers innovative business process management, impactful consulting services, and technology solutions that boost productivity and efficiency for government-sponsored programs. Seeking to improve its own capabilities, Maximus’ CEO and CIO announced a cloud-first initiative for the company in 2018, with a goal to migrate all on-prem infrastructure to AWS cloud in three years.

As a result of this new bold initiative, Maximus’ IT team had just four months to modernize its backup infrastructure and shift to the cloud. The team recognized gaps in its existing solution, noticeably the considerable time and effort of managing tape-based backup. In searching for a new solution, they identified four key capabilities essential to achieving their goals — the ideal solution would:

  • Be SaaS-based to free the team from the burdens of hardware and software management. 
  • Protect the hybrid IT environment and provide global visibility into the status of backups across all platforms. 
  • Allow individuals to facilitate their own backups without IT involvement. 
  • Meet compliance, legal, and data retention requirements.

IT’s search led to Druva, where it stood out from competitors like Cohesity and Veritas for its 100% SaaS infrastructure. Albert Uy, leading this charge, had used Druva at previous companies and was impressed with its capabilities; he knew it would meet leadership’s strict requirements, providing granular access control and multi-cloud backup and recovery from a single console, as well as compliance with GDPR and FedRAMP.

“Druva understood the pressures IT leaders face when dealing with data on a global scale,” Uy said. “The demo and pilot showed us exactly how we could streamline data management and get 100% visibility into all workloads — SaaS, on-prem file servers, several database instances in the cloud, and hundreds of AWS accounts. Druva would give us maximum data protection control with minimal effort.” 

Following its transition to Druva, Uy and team have been able to reduce total costs 3x vs. their previous solution and have the cloud foundation in place to scale for what the team believes will be 2x growth company-wide in the coming years. 

Read the full Maximus case study to learn more.

Join Maximus and Druva at illuminate22

Druva’s illuminate22 Data Resilience Roadshow is an exclusive in-person, half-day event with executives, industry leaders, influencers, analysts, and partners at the forefront of the data resiliency movement. 

Uy will join Druva at the California roadshow, on the afternoon of October 27 in Santa Clara for a session with Stephen Manley, Druva CTO. In From Druva’s Vision to Your Advantage, the two will discuss the future of Data Resiliency before taking a deep-dive into Maximus’ use case protecting critical data today and laying the foundation for the future. Register now to reserve your spot