Druva Enhances Data Security with Support for Microsoft Entra ID

Steven Duff, Product Marketing and Babu Pillai, Product Manager

In today’s digital landscape, the security and resilience of Microsoft workloads are paramount in the face of increasing cyber threats and data management challenges. Recognizing this, Druva has introduced support for Microsoft Entra ID, a pivotal addition to our suite of advanced data protection solutions tailored specifically for the Microsoft ecosystem.

Why Microsoft Entra ID Needs Protection

Microsoft Entra ID, formerly known as Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), serves as the online version of Active Directory, facilitating access to cloud resources like Microsoft 365 and Azure. Given its role as the core identity and access management (IAM) for all Microsoft Cloud resources, safeguarding Entra ID is imperative for maintaining business continuity. 

Entra ID stores crucial business information regarding users, devices, enterprise and organizational applications, including their relationships like groups, roles, and access permissions. With CrowdStrike reporting that 80% of cyberattacks exploit stolen or compromised credentials, any breach involving Entra ID objects could have serious repercussions, possibly resulting in substantial financial losses. This makes Entra ID a prime target for cyber attacks, including ransomware, as it provides an avenue for bad actors to access and extract data or introduce new administrators, potentially leading to data loss or ransom demands.

Druva’s Solution: 100% SaaS, Fully Managed

Druva’s 100% SaaS solution offers a streamlined and efficient method to protect and recover Microsoft Entra ID objects swiftly. By leveraging logically air-gapped storage fully hosted by Druva, organizations can ensure the efficient restoration of Entra ID directory services in the event of cyber threats, data loss, corruption, or accidental deletion. Our solution provides unparalleled data security, minimizing disruptions and reputational damages to organizations.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Complete Data Security for Entra ID Objects: Druva implements a policy-based approach to protect and secure common Entra ID objects, such as Users, Groups, Roles, Devices, Enterprise Applications, and Application Registrations.

  • Advanced Object Recovery: Druva goes beyond basic object recovery, restoring not only Microsoft Entra ID objects but also their settings and relationships. This ensures that vital relationships, like group memberships, are restored along with the objects.

  • Object Comparative Restores: Our solution offers capabilities to compare objects between snapshots, allowing users to swiftly recover specific data points or compare the current state with previous backups through comparative restores.

Druva's Commitment to Protecting Microsoft Workloads

Support for Microsoft Entra ID reinforces Druva's commitment to enhancing data security across the Microsoft ecosystem. By offering a comprehensive suite of advanced data protection features, including support for Microsoft Windows devices,  Microsoft 365, Azure VMs, and now Microsoft Entra ID, Druva empowers organizations to mitigate cyber risks effectively.

In conclusion, Druva's support for Microsoft Entra ID* is an essential addition to our portfolio of supported Microsoft workloads. By providing robust protection against data threats and cyber attacks, Druva enables organizations to safeguard their critical assets and thrive in today’s digital-first world. Additionally, if you are a Druva Microsoft 365 Enterprise or Microsoft 365 Elite customer, Entra ID protection will be automatically enabled for you as a SaaS update at no extra cost!

To learn more about Druva’s Entra ID capabilities, visit the Entra ID page of Druva's website.


*Druva’s Microsoft Entra ID will be generally available in July 2024