Endpoints 360° View: The Paradigm Shift

Piyusha Jagtap, Senior Associate Product Manager

Today, the data protection market is seeing a shift from traditional backup solutions to security-focused products due to the increasing sophistication of cyber attacks. Though backup is still at the core of it, businesses are now aware of the critical importance of safeguarding their data against a range of threats. This shift has led to a growing emphasis on proactive security measures and integration with other security products and services. Although still in its early stages, this transformation offers businesses a critical opportunity to rethink and reinforce their data protection strategies with the latest security-focused technologies and solutions.

The Threat Landscape

Stats on increasing ransomware threats
Organizations experiencing more than one endpoint ransomware attack that compromised their infrastructure

Recent ransomware attacks on major companies and institutions serve as a stark reminder of the importance of implementing strong endpoint security measures. The Colonial Pipeline (2021), Kaseya VSA (2021), City of Atlanta (2018), University of California San Francisco (2020), and more such attacks all resulted in significant disruptions to services and, in some cases, the payment of large ransoms to attackers. The root cause of these was vulnerable endpoints. These incidents underscore the importance of implementing a strong endpoint security posture to prevent and have a mitigation plan in place in the event of a ransomware or malware attack.


The Paradigm Shift: Endpoints 360° View

The endpoint journey

Ask Yourself Today: How’s Your Security Posture?

Does your organization have the capability to recover endpoint data in the event of data loss? Can your organization retain data for a specific duration? Druva offers:

  • Backup and restore solutions: Start your data protection journey. Simplify endpoint data protection and reduce data risks.

Does your organization have the ability to know that malware has entered your endpoints? Druva offers:

  • Unusual data activity (UDA) or anomaly detection: Flags any anomalous behavior in a resource and generates an alert.
  • Restore with confidence (RWC): Scans data for viruses and malware during restore.
  • Warnings and critical alerts: Get notified for critical or potential issues.

Do you have the capability of restoring clean and safe critical endpoints after an infection? Do you have an incident response plan or playbooks in place? Druva offers:

  • Curated Snapshot: Create the cleanest and safest curated snapshot with the latest version of files for accelerated recovery following an attack.
  • Quarantine snapshot: Isolate infected snapshots in order to contain the infection while restoring or downloading data.
  • Rollback Actions: Enhanced security posture for accidental and malicious deletions.

Is your organization compliant with data protection laws, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), to ensure that data stored on vulnerable endpoints is protected? Druva offers:

  • Commitment to privacy and security: Druva is committed to data privacy, data security, and transparency in our data practices and processes, and helps customers meet key obligations.

Is your organization capable of handling legal disputes and financial damages related to customers, suppliers, or partners that can arise from potentially vulnerable endpoints? Druva offers:

  • Federated search: Provides legal administrators with a user interface to search files and emails backed up by Druva inSync with investigation capabilities.
  • eDiscovery: Identify legal hold data across users, devices, and locations (Legal hold preserves user backup data and avoid accidental or malicious intentional data deletion).
  • Sensitive data governance: Provides visibility for compliance breaches associated with end-user data in your organization.

Next Steps

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