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Ensuring Data Security in Healthcare: Elligo's Success Story with Druva

Mike Taylor, Content Marketing Manager

In the fast-paced world of healthcare research, data is a critical asset that drives progress and breakthroughs in fields like COVID-19 vaccines, Alzheimer's, and cancer research. Elligo Health Research, founded in 2016, recognized the importance of expediting health research and acquired proprietary technology and direct access to diverse patients from numerous hospitals and health systems. However, as they expanded their operations, they faced a crucial challenge — ensuring robust and compliant data backups. This case study explores how Elligo's Executive Director of Technology, Andy Hatch, addressed this challenge with Druva's Data Resiliency Cloud, enabling seamless data protection and peace of mind for the organization.

The Need for a Reliable Backup Solution

When Andy Hatch joined Elligo, he discovered that the company lacked centralized and consistent backup processes. Despite utilizing cloud-based services like Microsoft 365 and Salesforce, they had not implemented a comprehensive backup solution. Hatch knew that relying solely on these services was not sufficient to ensure data resiliency. He emphasized the need for an air-gapped backup solution that could provide a complete data recovery option if disaster struck.

Selecting the Right Backup Solution

To meet the stringent requirements of the healthcare industry, Elligo needed a backup solution that complied with HIPAA and SOC 2 standards. Additionally, the solution had to support on-premises data backup, as the organization had acquired a company with an on-premises data center. Hatch was keen on avoiding the complexities of traditional tape-based backup methods and sought a cloud-based solution that required minimal administration.

After considering various options, Hatch consulted with Druva, which was recommended by Trace3, a trusted reseller. The Druva Data Resiliency Cloud emerged as the top choice, offering a unified data protection solution that covered multiple data sources, including hybrid workloads in the data center, Microsoft 365 accounts, and Salesforce data. The simplicity of onboarding and management, along with Druva's attentive customer support, sealed the deal for Elligo.

Effortless Onboarding and Simplified Management

Implementing Druva's Data Resiliency Cloud was a seamless process for Elligo. After a single phone call with the Druva integration team, Hatch was up and running within a week. The ease of use and the intuitive interface enabled even Tier 1 engineers to manage data restores independently with minimal training. This simplicity allowed the IT team, consisting of five professionals, to spend just about an hour per week managing the solution effectively.

Proactive Data Monitoring and Support

One of the standout features of Druva's solution was the proactive monitoring of Elligo's data. After the acquisition of a company with an on-premises data center, Druva monitored the data closely and quickly reached out to Hatch when they noticed a significant deletion. This level of attention and support gave Hatch a sense of security, knowing that Druva was always vigilant about protecting their data.

eDiscovery and Compliance Made Easy

In addition to data protection, Druva's solution offered Elligo an eDiscovery feature, which proved valuable during a federal government investigation at a previous company. The seamless delivery of the required files to the legal team demonstrated Druva's efficiency in compliance and audit trail generation. The ability to access detailed data quickly and institute policy changes on the fly further enhanced Elligo's confidence in the solution.


For Elligo Health Research, data resiliency is a critical aspect of accelerating healthcare research and delivering groundbreaking results. With Druva's Data Resiliency Cloud, Elligo found a reliable and compliant backup solution that ensured the safety and availability of their crucial data assets. The simplicity of onboarding, ease of use, and proactive monitoring capabilities made Druva an indispensable partner in Elligo's pursuit of faster and more efficient health research.

To learn more about how Elligo Health Research successfully partnered with Druva to protect their data and accelerate health research, read the full case study.