Druva’s new infographic: Data resilience for your multi-cloud world

Steven Duff, Product Marketing

Organizations are migrating to the cloud to improve efficiencies and scale with greater digital transformation. Cloud plans and adoption have accelerated as a result of the pandemic, with most considering a multi-cloud strategy to optimize the management of SaaS applications and meet remote work needs.

92 percent considering digital transformation

As enterprises make this cloud journey en-masse, they are generating and consuming more data than ever before, and storing data in varied, disparate locations. Organizations with over 1,000 employees use an average of more than 170 SaaS apps for collaboration. 

average number of saas apps used

Creating, working, and storing critical data across SaaS apps, as well as traditional on-premises solutions, creates data silos and a variety of data protection challenges, opening their data to new risks like ransomware

low skilled saas professionals

A shortage of potential workers with cloud management skills is also slowing enterprises’ progress to deploy new technology. As a result, many companies are under-prepared to recover from potential data loss situations

cloud native applications

Companies must increase agility and efficiency to protect and recover their business-critical data on virtual servers, in databases, and multi-cloud environments. They need a single, 100% SaaS solution to scale, minimize management needs and costs, and increase data resiliency, all while safeguarding against evolving cyber threats.

The Druva Data Resiliency Cloud protects your data residing in cloud-native, lift and shift, or SaaS applications. It provides the security, cost efficiency, and ease of management you expect from the cloud, while protecting and expanding your data resilience capabilities across the enterprise. 

Overcome the challenges of protecting multi-cloud data and gain resilience

At Druva, we understand that today’s organizations require a proven data protection strategy and an experienced cloud vendor to unify multi-cloud workloads for management, protection, and recovery. The first and only Data Resiliency Cloud fortifies your multi-cloud environment in the age of cyber threats and ransomware — enabling your team to keep data air-gapped secure, but always available, while accelerating time to value and ROI. 

Explore today’s multi-cloud industry trends further, and discover what Druva’s industry-leading solution can do for you — download our new infographic.