Life At Druva

Landing the Moon: A Druvan's Experience Interning at the ISRO

Katha Shah, Web Developer

In 2019, I had the privilege of embarking on a remarkable journey as an intern with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). Little did I know then that this experience would not only be a professional milestone but also a personal source of pride and inspiration. I feel fortunate to have witnessed the remarkable lunar touchdown that has captivated the world in awe.

A Glimpse into the Intricate Universe of Chandrayaan

My role within the team revolved around the development of an intranet-hosted portal that focused on automated resource allocation and distribution for the spacecraft’s payloads. Payloads, the heart of any space mission, are responsible for collecting and relaying crucial data back to Earth. This portal was designed to streamline and automate these processes, ensuring seamless data analysis and transmission.

Learning Beyond the Project

My teammates became my mentors and every day was an opportunity to learn far beyond the scope of my project. The intricacies of space technology, the nuances of problem-solving, and the art of collaboration were lessons etched into my experience. Just like ISRO's ingenious approaches to space exploration, I've come to understand that in life, our ability to creatively repurpose what we have learned can lead us to remarkable achievements — even in the face of adversity. It wasn't just about lines of code or data analysis; it was about embracing challenges with an unyielding determination.

A Heart Full of Pride

Being part of a mission as significant as Chandrayaan has instilled in me a profound sense of pride. The feeling of having played a small yet meaningful role in a space mission that advances human understanding of the cosmos is beyond words. The portal I helped create is still a part of the mission's data analysis process, a reminder that my journey, however unconventional, had a purpose. The experience has not only enriched my technical skills but has also deepened my appreciation for the incredible work carried out by ISRO and space agencies worldwide.

A Journey to Remember

The recent feat achieved by ISRO, landing gracefully on the moon's southern pole, resonates deeply with me. It reaffirms the values of dreaming big, unwavering dedication, and taking charge. My time at ISRO not only improved my career but also shaped me into someone who dares to dream, works passionately, and embraces responsibility. The memories of working alongside brilliant minds and contributing to a mission that pushes the boundaries of human knowledge will forever hold a special place in my heart. As I move forward in my career, I carry with me the lessons, memories, and a profound sense of pride in being part of the excellent journey that is Chandrayaan.