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Druvaa inSync v3.0 Feature List

Jaspreet Singh, Founder and CEO

This post is in reference to the forums discussion –

Based on the feedback received, I am compiling the list of features planned for version 3.0 (code name “Apollo 11”). The public beta is due on Jan 7, 2009.

Major Features –

  • Full PC Backup – Backup OS, application, data and settings. The PC installations within the organization have more or less same OS and applications, but minor differences in drivers and apps make the job of system cloning very difficult and storage exhaustive. Version 3.0 will use data de-duplication to provide a bandwidth and storage efficient way for the same.
  • Bare-metal Restore – Restore OS/application/aata from scratch using a bootable “Druvaa Bare-metal Restore” disk.
  • Search” file by name in restore – very helpful for large no. of files.
  • Performance Boost for Large File Backup – Changes in deduplication algorithm to boost incremental backup performance for large files (1GB+) by 300%. Very useful for Outlook PST backups.
  • Better control over sync frequency – Admin can control sync frequency and whether a user can pause backup.
  • Sync profile automatically every 5 minutes – Currently the profile is synced just before the backup request. This is confusing for the admin, from 3.0 the client would poll and check profile changes every 5 minutes.
  • MSI Installable – Helpful for automated AD-integrated installations for large organizations.

Minor Features –

  • Server diagnostics Option – A single button to collect all the information relevant for troubleshooting and email it to support _at_ druvaa
  • Admin configurable relative folders -Admin should be able to configure folders relative to user’s home directory.
  • Import Users from CSV file – this is to cater to the case when direct AD access is not possible.
  • Take company name and logo for personalization -Use the company information for server configuration panel and web-restore.
  • Server health notifications– Add “uptime” and “last error” information to server health status tab. Send the same in reports.
  • Personalize authentication email – Let the admin add more information to the email carrying user’s auth key.
  • Advance settings for PostgreSQL installation-Let the admin configure data / archive log directories for each SIS creation.

Please use this post or the forum thread to voice your opinion on what changes/features would you like to see in your favorite backup software. To enroll for the beta program and get a free evaluation copy, please send an email to [update] The public beta would be released by Jan 7, 2009. * Added 2 suggestions to feature list.