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Druvaa acquires Key Customers – NASA, Emerson, Serco, Zee-Turner

Jaspreet Singh, Founder and CEO

Half way through the quarter, a post on customer wins sounds strange. But I just couldn’t resist breaking this news on the (lately sleepy) blog.

Druvaa acquired a couple of very interesting customers.  NASA is a relatively small Federal deployment, but we are happy to add this brand name to our list of valuable customers. Just the fact that they tested and loved the product against the existing ones, make me feel very proud.

Zee-Turner is special, because this was one of the large accounts of a competing global-deduplication-backup product, until they dumped it for Druvaa inSync. The customer was not happy with the backup performance and the maintenance/training required for the heavy weight product.

I personally met this customer and I insisted that his support staff tries to play with the product while we have our 1 hours meeting going on. The support engineer installed and backed up the entire IT-staff within 1 hour, which was for them shocking as they had spent over a week learning and setting up the heavy weight.

InSync was simple, elegant and fast. We closed the deal within 14 days 

Emerson and Serco are again enterprise accounts we won fighting small but interesting battles.

A snapshot of key customers can be found here – . I am planning to write a series of blog posts to highlight the value proposition offered by InSync in each of these cases.