Druva Rewind: June 2023 — Check Out Druva’s Ransomware Recovery Features and Learn Why Paradise Valley Switched from Commvault to Druva

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Welcome to our monthly wrap-up series, Druva Rewind! In this edition, we’ll look back at all the biggest cloud data backup and recovery stories from June.

New Video: Accelerated Ransomware Recovery Features of Druva Data Resiliency Cloud

Fast, reliable data recovery eliminates any reason to even think of paying a ransom. When pristine, air-gapped snapshots of workloads and VMs can be restored in minutes, you transform ransomware into a minor nuisance instead of a devastating ordeal.

Druva provides key capabilities to accelerate recovery, including pre-built integrations with third-party tools to enable orchestration, the ability to quarantine infected systems and snapshots, scanning for malware and IOCs, and a patent-pending feature, curated recovery, to create the latest, cleanest, and safest scanned version to restore.

Our new Accelerated Ransomware Recovery video shows how you can protect, prepare, and recover your data using multiple features of Druva Data Resiliency Cloud.    

New Solution Brief: Protecting Your Modern Enterprise End User

Enterprises today manage data that is distributed across various devices and collaboration platforms. These organizations are tasked with protecting their data regardless of where that data resides. As users keep data locally on their device(s), in email, cloud storage, and shared drives, backups of any single repository are not comprehensive enough and leave your organization exposed. 

Druva has been at the forefront of data protection, and trends in customer adoption have shown us that extending our endpoint data protection to include cloud workloads is key. 

Our new solution brief explains how Druva enables IT admins to access and manage backups of all endpoints and cloud workloads via one centralized and secure platform — the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud.

New White Paper: Critical Steps for Scalable, On-Time Recovery From Ransomware

Ransomware is here to stay — in fact, it’s becoming big business, with organized gangs and sophisticated approaches making attacks costlier and more frequent. In its 2023 Threat Report, cybersecurity firm Sophos notes that the cybercriminal economy has transformed into an industry unto itself, adopting an as-a-service model for an increasing scope of operations.

To counter the threat of ransomware many organizations have security incident response plans, but very few have added ransomware recovery support to those plans, and even fewer have tested such plans. 

Our new white paper aims to prepare you with the key principles you need to ensure a rapid and full recovery after a ransomware attack. We explain: 

  • What to know about protecting your backup environment

  • Why ransomware recovery is different

  • What IT should know about working with security on recovery

  • 5 ransomware recovery readiness gaps and how to close them

June Customer Case Studies

Cerium Names Druva a Strategic Partner to Strengthen Security Posture and Simplify Environments

Cerium Networks partnered with Druva to address their challenges with a complicated and costly backup platform. By implementing Druva's Data Resiliency Cloud, Cerium achieved simplified multi-cloud protection, reduced costs, and improved security. Druva's solution streamlined backup management, provided a single bill, and enhanced Cerium's ability to serve clients in the SaaS space. The partnership resulted in a more efficient and secure backup environment for Cerium. Read Cerium's story

From Commvault to Druva: How Paradise Valley Transformed Its Data Protection

Paradise Valley, Arizona, faced data protection challenges with their existing solution, Commvault. They switched to Druva's Data Resiliency Cloud, which simplified data management, eliminated tape-based backups, and provided cost savings. With Druva, daily tasks significantly decreased in time, backup and recovery durations reduced, and user-friendly dashboards improved visibility and control. The transition was seamless, and Paradise Valley can now focus on strategic initiatives while confidently protecting its critical data. Read Paradise Valley's story.

ALTIR Secures Critical Patient Data With the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud

ALTIR, a healthcare organization in France, overcame data protection challenges by adopting Druva's Data Resiliency Cloud. The solution provided a single platform to manage and restore data, ensuring availability and security. ALTIR experienced a 50% reduction in IT workload, achieved 100% data availability, and maintained compliance with French patient data standards. Druva simplified restoration processes, automated maintenance tasks, and equipped ALTIR with customizable data protection rules. The organization now focuses on delivering quality healthcare services while meeting regulatory requirements. Read Altir's story.

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