Druva Rewind: January 2023 — Starting a New Year with Data Resiliency in Mind

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Welcome to our monthly wrap-up series, Druva Rewind! In this edition, we’ll take a look back at the biggest data resiliency happenings from January 2023, and get you prepared for a cyber-secure new year.

Predictions for 2023

In this new blog, CTO Stephen Manley and other Druva experts discuss the seven key developments they expect to emerge in 2023. In general, they anticipate the IT conversation to expand from “security” to “risk” as businesses balance data security, cost, and complexity. Cybercriminals will target cloud workloads as data centers become more secure, and IT will need to find a way to protect and secure data where it lives, without hiring more people or buying more tools. 

Get their full list of insights in the blog.

Druva Highlighted by TechTarget as Among the Best for Data Storage

The Druva Data Resiliency Cloud earned a silver medal in TechTarget’s year-end awards. Druva impressed judges with its value and functionality, continuing its run of success at the awards. Druva socred highly for support across workloads — including multiple clouds, the data center, SaaS applications, and end-user devices. Judges noted that in 2022, Druva improved its already solid backup with enhanced automation, security, and observability, and introduced the industry’s first Data Resiliency Guarantee — putting its money where its mouth is, up to $10 million for a seamless data recovery process.

Key Learnings from the LastPass Hack

In a new blog from Druva’s Chief Technology Evangelist, Curtis Preston, we go into detail to explore the LastPass hack — in which a backup copy of the password manager application’s customer database was stolen by hackers. These hackers were able to roam around the company's development environment for days undetected. While backups may sound simple, but they should come with a disclaimer: don't try this at home. LastPass's password vault was encrypted, but a lot of other information was not. If they had used a well-designed system like Druva, they wouldn’t have needed to hardcode usernames and passwords, and would’ve kept backups air-gapped and encrypted. Listen to Curtis’ podcast, and read the blog for more.

New White Paper — Best Practices to Reduce Cybersecurity Premiums

Insurers will often require detailed information about your current environment, governance and compliance policies and process, the data you store, and how you protect it. In addition, insurers may also require details regarding previous data loss experiences, risk, and privacy controls. Just one or more negative past experiences could result in an expensive bottom line.

Druva's new white paper details 12 best practices to follow so that you can reduce your risk and the cost of your cyber insurance. Using a solution like the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud substantially reduces your risk enabling you to save money on your cyber security insurance. Learn more in the white paper.

January Customer Case Studies

Alector Reduces Time Protecting SaaS Apps by 25% with Druva Compared to Previous Vendor

Alector, a startup specializing in immunology, neuroscience, and human genetics, needed to find a new, better way to monitor and back up its data. The team realized that its existing Code42 backup solution wasn't always capturing backups, and also generated a lot of tickets which further strained the IT team. In addition to filling this need, Druva proved to be the perfect tool for the team’s goals because it was easy to use and cut backup and recovery times by 25%.

Medallia Lowers Risk by Moving Data Resilience to the Cloud for VMware and AWS Workloads

Medallia, a market leader in simplifying voice, video, digital, IoT, and social media communication, needed to protect business-critical data on 150 VMware virtual machines (VMs), including dozens of Linux-based servers running applications like Jira, Confluence, and GitHub Enterprise, and in AWS EC2. The team transitioned to Druva to fill gaps in its IT processes and received multiple layers of security. The team is now confident that data would be secure and recoverable in the event of a data loss event. The Medallia team has even seen significant reductions in costs thanks to Druva's air-gapped EC2 backups and globally deduplicated storage.

Sandy Alexander Advances the Security of SaaS Apps and Hybrid Workloads with Sycomp and Druva

Sandy Alexander, a multi-platform, multi-channel marketing-communications company, recently turned to the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud following difficulties with Quest Software's Rapid Recovery. The Druva Cloud enables Sandy Alexander to protect all Google Workspace users' data, automate backups, and pass compliance audits easier and more quickly than ever before. As a result, the IT team has reclaimed more than 500 hours per year previously spent managing backups, and keeps over 370 TB secure in the Druva platform with no dedicated administration. 

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