Druva introduces Salesforce Archive to reduce costs and boost performance

Sarah Doherty, Director of Product Marketing, SaaS Apps

Organizations manage hundreds of millions of records per day across their Salesforce environments. However, the responsibility for administration and management of data created in-platform falls squarely on the organization’s own IT department. To adequately address Salesforce backup, protection, and governance gaps, organizations must weigh their options and choose a third-party data protection solution considering cost and flexibility, among other factors including:

  • Data availability
  • Legal obligations
  • Security and compliance requirements

Leveraging the cloud to provide a comprehensive approach to Salesforce backup and protection, Druva addresses gaps in security and recoverability. A 100% SaaS data management solution, Druva provides an essential layer of functionality to ensure Salesforce data is always protected and available. As a result, Druva is able to offer customers the following benefits for their Salesforce data:

  • Automated backups
  • Restoration to any point-in-time
  • Secure, air-gapped storage
  • Data privacy, residency, and compliance 
  • Duplicate prevention
  • Metadata toggling
  • Comprehensive integration

In addition, Druva provides automated, efficient sandbox seeding enabling developers to automatically create good test data within their Salesforce environments. Analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) recently created a report studying these capabilities — read the report to learn more

Introducing Druva Salesforce Archiver to reduce costs and boost performance

As users create increasing amounts of data in the Salesforce platform, the costs of storage and maintenance for this data often become unsustainable, reaching or surpassing storage limits. In addition, this can negatively impact or otherwise slow system performance. As often obsolete data grows and begins to crowd the storage space, IT can find it increasingly difficult to manage the correct data for compliance with internal policies and industry regulations. This opens the company to potential fines for compliance violations. 

Organizations need a simple and efficient way to archive data within Salesforce. Archiving can provide a safe way to remove unused or obsolete data, prevent performance degradation, and manage records for compliance. 

With the introduction of its new archiving feature, Druva is the first in the industry to offer a unified 100% SaaS solution for the comprehensive backup and recovery, sandbox seeding, AND archiving of business-critical Salesforce data from end to end. 

Benefits and key features

Druva provides the ability to archive stale data from the primary Salesforce environment into low-cost, air-gapped, and truly immutable storage. As a result, organizations reduce costs by cutting complexity and removing the need for hardware or software. Druva’s single pane of glass for management gives admins the freedom to manage data, not infrastructure. By archiving data outside the main environment, Druva reduces data volumes and allows the system to run at peak performance for backups, search, reporting, calculations, and more. 

For compliance needs, Druva’s SOQL-based query builder, templates, and scheduled purges for outdated data enable admins to easily meet regulations for reporting and retention. Your teams have access to simply restore data at a granular level — access records one at a time or in bulk and preserve all master-detail relationships. 

Leverage Druva for your Salesforce needs and provide your IT teams the flexibility to:

  • Automate jobs — Simply schedule actions based on your unique needs and preferences
  • Customize conditions — Set criteria and automatically archive specific records
  • Flexibly retain data — Set parameters once and always remain compliant with the strictest policies
  • Experience management simplicity — Review, edit, track, and manage all archiving activities and permissions through a single comprehensive dashboard
  • Quickly restore data — Restore records individually or as a subset, designate users, and set privileges to manage archives directly within Salesforce
  • Easily monitor storage — Track usage against limits and archive data to stay within thresholds 

Next steps

As your organization evaluates its Salesforce backup strategy, download our datasheet to learn more about Druva’s new Salesforce Archiver, and watch the video below for a demo of our industry-leading solution for SaaS apps — including SalesforceMicrosoft 365, and Google Workspace.