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Druva Innovation at the Forefront of Data Protection and Management

Preethi Srinivasan, Director of Innovation

Druva Innovation at the Forefront of Data Protection and Management

We are kicking off a series of blogs, spearheaded by Druva Labs, covering innovation in data protection, and data management.  Druva Labs is a product innovation team focusing on next-generation initiatives – envisioning capabilities beyond data protection, exploring new technology, and building innovative solutions to help customers extract value from their data.

At Druva, we are focused on delivering the best in class data protection and management for our customers, and that means developing the best in class technology. Our technical thought process constantly revolves around building highly scalable, and optimized solutions. The industry’s status quo is insufficient and we need a new approach. We watch the technology trends, envision the data protection industry’s technological future, and innovate new solutions to realize this vision. Some examples include recent patents announced on Sept 30, 2019:

Patent No. 10,275,317,  covers Druva’s ability to move aged backup data to lower-cost storage while maintaining deduplication benefits.

Patent No. 10,387,378,  covers network bandwidth and storage optimization while backing up multiple versions of a file in a highly collaborative work environment where multiple versions of a document are shared across a large team.

Patent No. 10,417,268, covers extracting the most relevant phrases from unstructured data. This patent is part of the technology that fuels Druva’s product roadmap around unlocking the value of data.

We will share our advanced tech explorations and innovations across 3 main themes:

  • Data Analytics/Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud Technologies
  • Data Management

We invite you to join our journey across new areas of technology that unlock the value of data, solving challenging real-world problems.

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