Druva and VMware: Simplifying workload migration and data protection

Joann Starke, Sr. Manager, Solution Marketing

Ninety percent of enterprises are currently using one or more cloud services, but they’re not running dev/test workloads and 65% of these enterprises have already migrated their business-critical workloads to the cloud. At first blush this may seem high, however, VMware’s own research indicates that the majority of their customers see cloud as their ideal end state.1

The promise of hybrid cloud is a seamless migration of existing workloads into the cloud, but the reality is that hybrid cloud does come with a few hurdles, such as different VM formats in the cloud and new management toolsets once those apps are in the cloud. This translates into delays, increased cost and new learning curves.

Druva and VMWare are working together to deliver a seamless migration experience for your apps match by a modern way to protect all of your VMware workloads.

VMWare Cloud on AWS allows enterprises to migrate workloads to the cloud without refactoring virtual machines. Use the familiar management tools you already use for both on-premises and cloud workloads. Running VMware workloads on bare-metal environments delivers a faster more efficient platform built on AWS. Plain and simple, it simplifies migration of existing apps to the cloud. Unfortunately, data protection for hybrid cloud workloads remain complex if you are using legacy solutions.

Druva delivers cloud-native data protection in a single SaaS based solution that protects all your VMWare workloads: on premises, native in the cloud, and VMware Cloud on AWS. Integration with vCenter and VMWare Cloud on AWS delivers automatic configuration and management of virtual machines as well as automatic backup for any new virtual machines added to the environment.

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1VMware, 2016