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Druva and the Future of Data Management

Dave Packer

It’s a reality of a fast growing company that you have to continuously adapt in order to address ever changing market needs. What’s relevant today won’t be relevant tomorrow, much less in the future. This requires you to constantly innovate and evolve, while maintaining agility. It also requires you to listen carefully and work closely with customers to identify not only the challenges of today, but to build a path that gets around the challenges ahead. This ultimately leads to, and enables you to sustain your unfair market advantage.

Druva’s unfair advantage—and why customers love us—is our ability to build, operate and offer a true, cost effective SaaS model for data management that can reach across all their business critical data locations, and is as simple and flexible at 100 Petabytes as it is at 1 Gigabyte. Our focus is simple—as data gets more fragmented and the volume continues to increase, the data control plane has to become more centralized. It’s not enough to just protect data anymore. You have to support data management, provide ways to address the data lifecycle, and the ability to analyze information for critical business needs.

Over the past 12 months, we have worked hard to transform Druva into a platform company. We have broken down our products into an elegant service-oriented architecture (SOA), leveraged the efficiencies of microservices, and built the platform to address the challenges for the future. The new platform will transform the customer experience by providing:

  • Unified Control Plane: Provides global visibility and management across the primary pillars of enterprise data—data center workloads, SaaS, end user devices and cloud workloads
  • Modern SOA architecture: Provides greater extensibility, flexibility and scale as enterprise data demands evolve, while maintaining our secure by design principles
  • Integrated data layer: Uniquely aggregates data from all sources, providing real-time store/retrieve, fast search, analytics, and automated tiering
  • Streamlined Administration: Provides centralized reporting, policy management, notifications, compliance/legal workflows, auditing, data status, billing, and more!

This week marks the first major milestone in the rollout of the Druva Cloud Platform (DCP) to our customer base. We’ve also integrated CloudRanger into DCP, and we’re just 60 days into the acquisition, which highlights the agility provided by a true cloud-native designed architecture. The rollout will be transparent to customers—and you’ll soon be able to simply explore and subscribe to new Druva services with the click of a button. This is a significant milestone, and the video below helps explain why this shift is so impactful.

As we continue to move forward with DCP, what I am most excited about is the potential of helping customers analyze the data they have been managing—it will open new doors into mining for insights/knowledge, enforcing better data hygiene, identifying and mitigating business risks and enabling organizations to be much more efficient/smarter with their data. We’ll have more to share here in the future, so stay tuned for what’s coming next.