Dru Video Demos: See Druva’s AI Backup Copilot in Action

Steven Duff, Product Marketing and Mike Taylor, Content Marketing Manager

Druva has unveiled a groundbreaking innovation to redefine the way customers manage and interact with their data protection platform. Dru, the market’s first fully integrated AI copilot for backup, lives within the Druva platform and empowers both IT experts and novices alike with intuitive, helpful prompts and deep insights into their backup environment. Simply by asking in plain English, Dru responds to enable users to make smarter decisions, proactively monitor and improve their environments with ease, secure data, and cut costs.

While others in the industry are eagerly announcing AI of their own, the jury is still out on whether these tools are actually what they claim, or little more than chatbots. The fact of the matter is Dru is here NOW; it’s fully developed with new features being added continuously, and it’s making hundreds of admins’ lives easier and their data safer TODAY. Dru is ushering in an era of AI-driven data protection, one that will lead to autonomous IT and a more secure future. 

Now, let's take a closer look at Dru in action through two insightful demo videos. These videos showcase the power and practicality of the AI platform and illustrate how it seamlessly integrates into the user experience, simplifying custom reporting and navigation with unparalleled efficiency.

Solve for Backup Errors with Ease

Dru revolutionizes data access and reporting effortlessly. Whether you require specific details or a tailor-made report, a simple written prompt like "Retrieve backup failures in the last 72 hours by region" is all it takes to swiftly generate the requested information. This seamless process provides users with real-time insights, eliminating the need for extensive navigation or navigating through multiple screens. Furthermore, Dru goes beyond mere reporting; upon receiving your prompt and the information, it not only delivers a list of backup failures but also suggests actionable steps to address the issues. For instance, in addition to presenting a breakdown of backup failures, you will receive recommendations on how to rectify the errors or where to find more information about their potential causes. See more in the demo below.

Navigate the Platform in Seconds

Effortlessly exploring the Druva platform has reached new heights of simplicity. No longer do users need to navigate through a multitude of menus and options. With a straightforward command like "Navigate to edit permissions for XYZ users," the AI swiftly guides you to the precise location within the platform, enhancing the overall user experience. Beyond efficient navigation, the system provides additional guidance, suggesting follow-up actions such as implementing extra security measures for the specified user and offering further insights for seamless user interaction. See more in the demo below.

Next Steps

Dru is poised to revolutionize the landscape of data management, offering intelligent recommendations that empower the formulation of smarter policies, security alerts, troubleshooting, and cost-cutting measures. As we look ahead, Dru's evolution includes proactive threat detection and remediation, ensuring a swift response to errors and potential risks. The ultimate goal is for Dru to function as an autonomous "immune system," leveraging insights from backups to continuously identify and defend against evolving threats like ransomware. Stay tuned for ongoing updates on our roadmap as we work towards a future where Dru not only simplifies data protection but actively safeguards your digital assets with foresight and responsiveness.

Want to learn more about Dru? Take a “test drive” of Druva’s data protection for Amazon EC2 and try Dru for yourself in this product tour. Register to see Dru and hear the latest on Druva’s ransomware protection and Azure VM backup solutions.