Life At Druva

“Denting the Universe” with the Druva Corporate Social Responsibility Team

Aparna Kumari

“We are very, very small, but we are profoundly capable of very, very big things.”
– Stephen Hawking

Caring about society AND following that sentiment with action is what truly makes a difference towards our betterment as individuals and society. So embrace the empath in you as we uncover Druva’s spirit and the journey of making a difference as part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) team. Let us begin our journey through our initial encounter with a 5-year-old orphan in Pune named Lakshmi.

We met Lakshmi when we first entered the lobby of her home, “THE ORPHANAGE”. The group of approximately 10 adults, all wearing T-shirts with the word “Druva” were expected guests that day.

The sight of these grown-ups carrying drawing books, boards, and big bags, who were going to play and spend time with them was all it took to bring visibly unbridled joy for Lakshmi and her friends. Lakshmi loved her friends – the only family she knew. And her happiness knew no bounds seeing the sunshine on all their faces.

What a day it turned out to be for Lakshmi and her friends – running, playing, painting and having fun under the sun. There were feelings of hope and happiness all around. The unadulterated innocence of these children and their indomitable spirit for life tugged at the hearts of the visiting strangers. For Lakshmi and her friends, the visit renewed their hope for a happier and more secure future.

To the little “Lakshmis” we were fortunate enough to meet, THANK YOU! Seeing the world through your eyes was a reminder of our connection to each other as human beings in a society working together for common goals and a reminder of basic humanity we all share. You catalyzed our growth into better human beings.

Heartwarming encounters like this have inspired Druva to keep spreading smiles and building hope. We won’t stop until we have made meaningful headway towards a large number of social responsibility issues and causes. From collecting funds, clothes, and medicines for flood victims to organizing blood donation camps; from beautifying a forgotten historical site, to helping our Indian Army collect funds for Soldiers Independent Rehabilitation Foundation, Druva is one for all.

There is so much more to do as we widen our horizons by helping animal shelters, homes and schools for differently-abled children, and hospitals for the needy. Another project we look forward to is sowing the seeds for a cleaner and greener future through a tree planting project. . .

We’re excited about making a contribution, and making “a dent in the universe” per Steve Jobs,

“Understand that you are “denting the universe” if you are a teacher, coach, pastor, priest, rabbi, or hold a position that influences people. You may affect only one person at a time and only a few over your lifetime, but every dent counts. ”

The corporate social responsibility (CSR) journey has certainly in a unique way, knit together all Druvians towards a cause that is led by not money, not business, but is straight from the heart. Together, step by step, we are all set to dent the universe!