Customer Stories

Backup optimization through the cloud

JP Bachmann, Account Executive, Americas

The National Raisin Company Protects critical ERP data, endpoints and Microsoft 365 data with the Druva Cloud Platform

For many businesses, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a business critical system that helps companies bring different processes for functions like accounting, finance, and human resources (HR), together for collaboration. Modern ERP systems, like Microsoft 365, help different departments see what the other is doing – enabling, for example, accounting and HR to easily collaborate with sales and customer relationships.

For businesses like the 45-year old National Raisin Company, that ran its IT infrastructure on-premises for decades, modernizing operations with cloud-based workloads, like Microsoft 365, are a large investment of both time and money. For the NRC, the data flowing through its ERP, which runs on a VMware virtual machine (VM) needs to be protected, but its legacy backup software wasn’t doing an adequate job.

For example, for about 30 minutes each night Quest Rapid Recovery locked up NRC’s Microsoft 365 system, which prevented its night shift team from recording their production processes and accessing needed information.

NRC’s Quest deployment was running on old hardware, and as its VP of IT, Kevin Pennington, discovered, Quest wasn’t properly backing up Microsoft 365 data.

Kevin was left with a decision to either upgrade the Quest Rapid Recovery hardware and software to improve VM data protection or replace it with a cloud-based solution that the team could easily manage from anywhere in the world.

NRC expands its Druva relationship with the Druva Cloud Platform and Gets DR in the Cloud

“We were already protecting endpoints for our mobile sales force with Druva inSync, so extending our implementation with Druva Phoenix was the best way to achieve DR in the cloud without having to implement and manage DR infrastructure.”

NRC migrated data protection of its 29 VMs to Druva Phoenix, and, unlike Quest Rapid Recovery, Kevin’s team didn’t have to predict how much storage they would need, eliminating the cost and risks of over-provisioning.

NRC then further expanded its Druva implementation to protect its Microsoft 365 data. Kevin’s team now manages backups for VMs, endpoints, and Microsoft 365 through a single pane of glass.

Next Steps

Read the National Raisin Company case study to learn more about how NRC has not only met its goals of having DR in the cloud with the Druva Cloud Platform, but also now has 100% visibility into backups for VMs, endpoints, and Microsoft 365 while recouping 75% of the time it used to spend managing backups.