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Apple Beats Microsoft …At Last

Jaspreet Singh, Founder and CEO

Its all over the news. Finally a time to rejoice for Apple fanboys.

What I find really interesting is that Apple managed to build a $50 billion company just from 30 products against over 300 products from Microsoft. Apple has learned to monetize every single phase of the product: the hardware, the apps, the e-books, the music, the movies, the peripherals, the TV shows and soon the advertising, all while making over $600 off of each iPhone.

Meanwhile, MS thought it would do great selling $8 to $15 WinMo licenses. That might have worked if they had cornered at least 50% of the market but with less than 10%, WinMo will never be more than chicken feed with that strategy.

It’s clearly the laser sharp focus and emphasis to details what worked for Apple. Sharing an interesting quote from one of the emails I exchanged with Subinder some weeks ago  –

(Planning for this year) ……. The best analogy I can give you is a laser beam. A laser is a million-times more powerful than ordinary light of the same wattage. Secret – the beam is tightly aligned in one direction (alignment of functions), and each photon is in the same phase (the little things). That is the magic we need. You have the first steps by laying out a vision. We will need to ensure all big investments as well as little things are aligned to the BIG VISION. The “strategic fit” becomes a filter for every action, message, priority for the team.

– Subinder Khurana, Advisor and Mentor, Druva Software

For the past two years, we have kept our focus on “laptop backup”, and I think we did deliver a good product. Now the million dollar question in front of us is to dig this well deeper or find another well   I am sure, I have enough to learn from this story to make a decision now.