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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Druva Employees

Yadin Porter de León

The most important aspect to Druva’s success is our employees. They are the heart of the business and represent the culture and work ethic here. Other than bringing high calibre execution, they make the workplace more fun and lively. Here are 7 things you might not have known about us behind the scenes.

1. We love to volunteer!

Druva Cares is our volunteer initiative. Anything that is about giving back to the community or gets the employees out and having fun is important. In the past we were volunteer judges for science projects at the Tech Museum, we packed crafting supplies for kids in San Jose, and later this month we’ll be doing a food sort at the Second Harvest Food Bank.

Druva employees

Judging things!

Druva employees

Packing things!

2. We love thinking on our feet (literally)!

Standing desks are a hot commodity at the office. Maybe it’s because it helps gets our creative juices flowing and keeps us focused.

Druva employees

3. We love to stay active!

From weekly bootcamps to trips to the on-site gym, our employees are always on the move. In fact, we already have a 10-person team signed up to represent Druva at the San Francisco J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge later this year. Earlier this year we brought in a mobile fitness truck for a spin class!

Druva employees

4. We love fruit!

We eat a lot of it! Our weekly fruit delivery service can barely keep up – but it’s important that healthy snack options are available for all our employees.

Druva employees

5. We love team building activities!

Outside of group volunteering, every team finds opportunities to its strengthen ties. The marketing team recently participated in cooking off-site where everyone had a hand in preparing dinner for the team. The heat was on!

Druva employees

6. We love hanging out on Murphy Street!

1-on-1 meetings, team lunches, happy hour…you’ll find members of our employees frequenting Murphy Street, whether it’s for a coffee break or a light snack, it’s always nice to get out of the office and get some fresh air.

Druva employees

7. We love to stay connected!

As our company is constantly growing and changing, it’s important for everyone to stay on top of the latest news and updates. We host breakfast with execs every other Friday so employees can understand goals and achievements outside of their own teams, have monthly Lunch and Learns where employees take a deeper dive into the product or industry – the last topic was Object Store – and organize current events-themed (e.g. FIFA, Olympics, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, etc) contests. Below is a picture of Sauraj Jhingan, our Pune-based HR Manager. He’s keeping us up-to-date on his pursuit of Mount Everest during his sabbatical in a 10-part blog series.

Druva employees
Druva employees

Rakesh, Francis and Yadin – winners of our Druva World Cup Challenge!

Now that you know these 7 things about the people who work here, you might be interested in exploring further! Well, you’re in luck because we’re hiring — feel free to get in touch with us anytime by tweeting us @DruvaInc!