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Line Change! San Jose Sharks Turns to Druva for Data Protection

National Hockey League team simplifies Office 365 backup, dramatically cuts costs and IT time

SUNNYVALE, California ‒ June 6, 2019 ‒ Druva, Inc., the leader in cloud data protection and management, today announced the San Jose Sharks has selected Druva to enhance Microsoft Office 365 data resiliency capabilities with a simple and reliable backup solution built in the cloud. Since deploying Druva, the organization has realized savings of hundreds of hours annually on storage and backup maintenance, while reducing the manual effort and oversight previously required to protect data critical to team collaboration by more than 50 percent.

As a leading NHL franchise and the organization employed by the City of San Jose to manage SAP Center, the Sharks relied primarily on Office 365 native features for backup requirements but required a more comprehensive solution. While the application offers robust services, its complexity and limited retention policies pose challenges to effectively manage or restore data. Using Druva, the Sharks can now automate backups, recover data at a granular level (any level, point in time, or site) and efficiently store data through Druva’s intelligent tiered storage.

“With a consistent schedule of events coming through SAP Center on a year-round basis and the extreme level of detail required to coordinate each, our team simply doesn’t have time to manage our backups at the minute level previous systems required,” said Allison Aiello, IT Director, San Jose Sharks. “Cloud-native data protection and management provides a solution to the long list of problems our IT team encounters regularly. Druva is perfectly aligned with this approach and I love everything about it – it is easy to deploy, it’s scalable and simple to operate.”

As a cloud-based solution, the San Jose Sharks IT team has been able to rapidly deploy Druva across the organization’s Office 365 account without any necessary downtime. Realizing the immediate value and velocity of innovation a cloud-based solution can offer, the team is also adding on additional capabilities including disaster recovery-as-a-service and backup for virtual machines.

“Our customers want more robust Office 365 data protection capabilities, including safeguards against potential data loss and minimizing the impact of human error, misconfiguration, malicious activities or insecure devices,” said Jaspreet Singh, founder and CEO, Druva. “Organizations like the San Jose Sharks are looking to significantly reduce the time and investment needed to manage data, so teams can instead turn their time and resources to other high priority initiatives.”

As a proud partner of the San Jose Sharks, Druva congratulates the team on an impressive season and making it to the Western Conference Final of the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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