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Druva Recognized for Continued Innovation with Three New Patents For Data Management

Additions to patent library deliver on Druva’s promise to help enterprises lower TCO and unlock the value of data

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — September 30, 2019 — Druva, Inc., the leader in Cloud Data Protection and Management, today announced it has been issued three new patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its innovative deduplication technology and data search capabilities. These new innovations are already being made available to Druva customers and enable enterprises to optimize data protection through lower network bandwidth demands and intelligent storage tiering, resulting in lower consumption needs. These unique technologies further highlight the advantages of Druva’s platform over legacy solutions and  illustrate how the company is helping organizations unlock the value of their data while driving down costs by up to 50 percent.

Rapid data growth, combined with the rising costs and management of traditional hardware to store data has become an unsustainable proposition for an increasing number of businesses. Druva has been consistently at the forefront in developing breakthrough technologies that not only make cloud-based data protection possible, but also deliver improved performance, enhanced user experience and lower overall cost to manage data across enterprise-grade data center workloads, cloud applications and endpoints. This unrelenting focus on innovation was recently highlighted in Druva’s unveiling of the industry’s first multi-tier intelligent data storage in the cloud, helping customers optimize spend and performance while eliminating disruption to users or applications.

“Enterprises are struggling to contain operation costs, in hopes of focusing more on innovative initiatives that can move the business forward,” said Milind Borate, CTO, Druva. “Our new technologies are already helping more than 4,000 organizations realize the benefits of a solution that does not rely on aging hardware, while empowering them with a complete data set ready for deeper analysis and greater business value. One of Druva’s core values is to have a challenger mentality and our team continually pushes the envelope to find new solutions tuned to cloud native technologies.”

Patent No. 10,275,317, “Time-based data retirement for globally deduplicated archival storage,” was granted to Druva on April 30, 2019. The patent covers Druva’s ability to move aged backup data to lower cost storage while maintaining deduplication benefits.

Patent No. 10,387,378, “Storage and retrieval of file-level changes on deduplication backup server,” was granted to Druva on August 20, 2019. The patent covers network bandwidth and storage optimization deployed while backing up multiple versions of the file. This technology delivers the most benefits in a highly collaborative work environment where multiple versions of a document are shared across a large team.

Patent No. 10,417,268, “Keyphrase extraction system and method,” was granted to Druva on September 17, 2019. The patent explains how Druva has created an ability to extract most relevant phrases from given unstructured data. This technology fuels Druva’s product roadmap around unlocking value of data.

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