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Druva Extends Platform with Most Comprehensive Protection and Automation for Cloud Workloads

Updates include industry-first support for Slack and Microsoft Teams; APIs and integrations with Okta, ServiceNow, Splunk, bringing greater control and optimized data management

SUNNYVALE, Calif. ‒ October 30, 2019 ‒ Druva, Inc., a leader in Cloud Data Protection and Management, today announced powerful new capabilities providing industry-leading coverage for cloud workloads, strategic integrations and automated functionality, to accelerate any enterprises’ journey to the cloud. The updates include support for Slack and Microsoft Teams, new advanced backup, recovery and global policy capabilities for AWS workloads, as well as integrations with ServiceNow, Splunk and Okta. The latest enhancements ensure greater control and protection of data residing across these new cloud workloads, while also making it accessible for critical business insights and analytics.

Organizations are more data-driven than ever, and data is driving core initiatives such as innovation and customer experience. The cloud has become the de-facto environment for these programs, however, the movement of these critical processes to the cloud require the highest level of data protection with thorough and effective security, compliance and workload visibility. Automation then becomes a key factor to delivering value at scale without constant oversight and human effort. With today’s new capabilities, Druva is now delivering the industry’s most comprehensive workload coverage and integration capabilities, empowering customers to yield more from their data through key integrations with automation and visibility components, and delivering the best value from their data at a fraction of the cost of other services.

“Today’s most successful companies find ways to identify and execute game-changing ideas with velocity,” said Mike Palmer, Chief Product Officer, Druva. “IT teams enable velocity by choosing platforms built natively to support integration, automation, security and compliance. Druva’s data protection solutions cover their on-premises and cloud workloads, eliminates costly and frustrating infrastructure management and enables secure and unified access to enterprise data for next generation analytics capabilities and more.”

Now, Druva is bringing enterprises a comprehensive and scalable way to seamlessly protect and utilize data in the same place it’s being created. These new features and support continue Druva’s promise to deliver leading technology for protecting and managing data, no matter where it resides – endpoints, data center or cloud workloads.

  • Support for Slack – Customers can now preserve the integrity of communication/conversations on the platform for e-discovery, compliance and legal hold requirements
  • Microsoft Teams – Added to Druva’s support for Microsoft Office 365, delivering data protection for Teams workloads and enabling admins to seamlessly and quickly recover from scenarios where data gets deleted due to accidental deletion/rogue user or in the event of a ransomware attack.
  • Automated Disaster Recovery – Simplifies the setup of disaster recovery (DR) plans within AWS environments with the ability to create cross-account DR plans as well as cross-region support. Additionally, Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) resources can also now be included as part of DR plans, and users can also automate the creation of production-like environments for Dev/QA purposes with a single click.
  • Splunk Integration – Splunk users can integrate with Druva’s protected data and enable a complete visibility, security and analysis across all enterprise and IoT data assets. This is also available via Splunk’s native application.
  • ServiceNow Integration – A RESTful API-based integration (or via ServiceNow’s native application) helps reduce IT operational overhead by enabling ServiceNow users to  report on IT tickets originating from Druva and get end-to-end visibility across all enterprise data assets.
  • Okta Integration – Automated user on-boarding and off-boarding without the need for any on-premises components and mitigate configuration needs with Druva’s pre-configured app on Okta Integration Network. Druva is now also part of the Okta Identity Network.

“At Okta, we’re on a mission to enable any organization to securely use any technology,” said Ernesto Tey, VP, Global Strategic Alliances, Okta. “Our integration with Druva provides our joint customers with seamless and secure access to the Druva platform, making it easier for them to protect their most valuable data. In today’s environment of rising malicious attacks and ransomware, backups and archival are becoming critical resources for protection to ensure business continuity in the event of such an attack. By embedding Okta technology into its platform, Druva can focus on its core products while Okta solves for complex identity challenges.”

“Data has become the fuel to drive innovation, and the exponential increase of data expected in the next several years means there is no end in sight,” said Phil Goodwin, research director, IDC. “But as this data becomes more critical to business success, it’s protection also becomes increasingly critical. Given the sheer scale and disparate data sources, Druva’s centralized platform, ability to integrate with other popular SaaS solutions, and scalable protection could be a compelling benefit as more enterprises migrate workloads to the cloud.”


Druva’s integration with Okta is now generally available to all Druva customers. Integrations with ServiceNow and Splunk will be available to all customers by the end of 2019.

Select customers will have early access to Druva’s new capabilities for Slack beginning in November, and will be generally available to all customers by Q1 2020.

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