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Empower your business with unified data protection and management

A SaaS data protection solution to protect and manage enterprise backup data across data center, cloud and endpoint workloads. Delivered as-a-service and built on AWS, Druva Cloud Platform is infinitely scalable, on-demand to meet your business needs.

Druva Cloud Platform


Video: Empowering data protection for the cloud era

Video: Empowering data protection for the cloud era

No hardware, no software

Delivered as-a-service means leaving behind on-premises infrastructure, hardware refresh cycles and time consuming software maintenance.

Infinitely scalable

Built in the cloud, new capacity can be added to your subscription on the fly without any changes to your backup settings. No need to purchase and install new appliances or software.

No maintenance windows

Druva maintains the data protection solution, not the customer; our platform is always up to date with the latest features.

Data protection that’s different

With the power of Druva’s SaaS data protection platform, you can leave behind the cost and complexity found in solutions that aren’t built for the cloud. You save time and money, while getting a data protection solution that’s secure, scalable and always available.



An intuitive interface and customer experience, deployed in as little as 15 minutes. No backup target to install, tune or maintain.


Smarter in how we store your data (global deduplication, automated long term retention), and more intelligence about your data (ransomware monitoring, analytics and more).


Stay in control of your data, with policy-based management, federated search and advanced security that ensures only you can access your data.

Better customer experience

Druva’s enterprise data protection solution empowers your organization with more intelligence about your data, while improving the efficiency of your IT teams. Druva Cloud Platform combines an unprecedented set of capabilities in one user experience.

Druva Cloud architecture

Druva’s patented cloud architecture provides centralized management and a consolidated view of data that enterprises need to improve cyber-resiliency, streamline governance, and gain critical data insights.

Druva Cloud workloads

Data centers

Scalable, all-in-one backup, disaster recovery (DR), archival and analytics for enterprise data center workloads. Simplify data protection, dramatically reduce costs, and improve data visibility for today’s complex information environments.

AWS workloads

The easy-to-use AWS backup and disaster recovery solution for the enterprise. Simplify data protection for AWS infrastructure and ensure regulatory compliance SLAs.

SaaS applications

Close the data protection gaps for SaaS applications such as Microsoft 365, Salesforce.com and more. Reduce costs, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve data visibility for your critical online data.


Simplify endpoint data protection for your mobile workforce. Ensure regulatory compliance, enable eDiscovery, and improve data visibility.

What can cloud data protection do for you?

Protecting your data while you are moving applications to the cloud involves several roles across your organization. By combining both cloud and data resiliency, Druva Cloud Platform gives all your roles a unified platform for data protection and management.

What can cloud data protection do for you?

Protecting your data while you are moving applications to the cloud involves several roles across your organization. By combining both cloud and data resiliency, Druva Cloud Platform gives all your roles a unified platform for data protection and management.

Protect all your data, at a lower TCO, while eliminating the cost and complexity of managing onsite infrastructure such as:

  • Maintaining and upgrading backup hardware / software
  • Managing data protection for remote / branch offices
  • Protecting cloud applications and workloads
  • Expanding disaster recovery coverage to business critical virtual applications

The TCO of cloud data protection ›

You can do more with your limited resources and bandwidth while managing:

  • Rapid growth in VMs and SaaS applications needing protection
  • Policy requirements to protect data on end user devices
  • Protecting more remote sites with the same staff
  • Meeting performance and backup windows

Cloud Backup ›

Make the most of your applications – improve productivity and application resiliency without:

  • Spending excessive time planning for data protection
  • Sacrificing DR capabilities for tier-2 applications due to cost
  • Giving up long term retention to meet regulatory requirements
  • Painfully and manually restoring servers after an outage

Microsoft 365 Backup and Recovery ›

Keep your end users productive and their data protected against:

  • Accidental deletion, ransomware or lost devices
  • Legal hold and eDiscovery requests for data on end user devices
  • Downtime due to lack of self-help tools or IT availability

Endpoint Data Protection ›

Reduce the overhead and cost of defending your business due to the need to:

  • Collect data from distributed, remote users with multiple devices
  • Ensure data integrity during eDiscovery to avoid spoliation
  • Maintain audit tracking for data to prove chain of custody
  • Search and cull data from disparate data sources

Explore eDiscovery ›

Druva Cloud Platform was architected with strong security and end-to-end encryption so you can handle security issues such as:

  • Inability to verify / prove regulatory compliance quickly
  • Enforcing compliance for data outside of IT control
  • Securing data at rest against theft or compromise
  • Deleting data quickly if required (defensible deletion)

Enterprise Security ›

Lower TCO up to 50%

Leave behind the cost and complexity of onsite hardware, software and infrastructure, while expanding your disaster recovery capabilities at no additional cost.

Accelerate backup performance

Built on AWS, the Druva Cloud Platform can expand compute resources dynamically to meet even the most demanding backup windows.

Unlimited scalability, on-demand

The cloud is infinitely scalable, and capacity can be added on-demand without the need to provision new devices, or change your backup settings.

Beyond backup, do more with your data

A unified view of your backup data allows you to easily respond to eDiscovery, manage Legal Hold, or analyze your data to drive business decisions.

data protection solution

A proven SaaS data protection solution, with over 4000 customers protecting their data in the Druva Cloud Platform. Druva has been validated by respected analysts like Forrester, numerous customer testimonials and case studies, placing Druva as a leader in cloud data protection and disaster recovery.

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Learn what cloud-based backup and recovery is and how it will benefit you.


The CIOs guide to cloud-first data protection gives you strategies for moving data protection to the cloud.

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Take control of your data with secure, scalable, on-demand data protection and management.

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