Microsoft 365 (Office 365)

Comprehensive Microsoft 365 Backup

Prevent Microsoft 365 data loss with a secure, scalable, and cost-effective solution.

Why back up Microsoft 365?

Microsoft’s shared responsibility model means they’re responsible for platform uptime while you’re responsible for the protection, retention, and recovery of data created in-platform.

This puts your critical data at risk for loss as a result of accidental deletion, ransomware, and other threats.

Human error

Accidentally deleted or corrupted data is lost forever if discovered after 30-93 days, depending on your Microsoft 365 license.

Insider threats

Microsoft can’t detect malicious actions — departing employees and rogue admins with higher-level access may intentionally delete files.


Ransomware threats are exacerbated by OneDrive file synchronization and sharing, propagating the infection of files, including those in recycling bins.

Retention gaps and compliance

M365 only offers 90 days’ maximum audit history, which may be insufficient and risk non-compliance with government and organization policies.

Legal hold and eDiscovery

When involved in litigation, you must comply with court-ordered eDiscovery and legal hold requirements. Without the right tools, compliance can be painstaking.

Learn to close M365 protection gaps with the Gorilla Guide

Get the most from your Microsoft 365 investment

Leading backup and protection for OneDrive, Exchange Online, SharePoint, and Teams, as well as data centers, SaaS apps, and native workloads. Fill native data protection gaps without hardware or software. Our secure 100% SaaS platform automates governance and ransomware protection.


How is Druva different?

Providing the security, cost efficiency, and experience you expect from SaaS, Druva simplifies the data protection and governance of management of your M365 data.

Protect SaaS with SaaS

  • On-demand scalability, and elasticity
  • Biweekly product updates supporting M365 apps
  • 15 minutes to deploy, then scale performance and capacity on-demand
  • Unified platform provides resilience and data intelligence across the enterprise

Reduce TCO up to 50%

  • No upfront investment in hardware, infrastructure or storage; pay for what you use.
  • No hardware or software, upgrades, patches, capacity planning, 
  • Avoid expensive data  archive and legal hold

Guard against accidental data loss

  • Supports 3-2-1 backup policy with cloud-based data protection
  • Detects, investigates, and responds to insider threats before damage is done
  • Restores data to original locations with automated search and restore

Air-gap your environment from ransomware

  • Pre-emptive monitoring and notification of data risks
  • Separation of data and metadata simplifies data cleansing and recovery
  • Multiple recovery options available to recover files and file versions

Enhance data compliance monitoring

  • Consistent data retention policy for all Microsoft 365 backups
  • Chronological view of data activities by users and administrators
  • Identify and remediate at-rest sensitive data risks

Accelerate legal hold and eDiscovery management

  • Unified legal hold policies across all workloads
  • Policies applied by user or period of time
  • Integrates with third-party eDiscovery tools
Why Druva — Only 100% SaaS protection ensures data resilience at limitless scale
Druva in action:

Watch the demo for a look at Druva for SaaS apps backup and data protection — including Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Google Workspace, and more!

Maximize the value of your cloud data

Agentless architecture removes network impact. Global dedupe and forever incremental backups. Granular and point-in-time file and metadata restores.



A single pane of glass to manage multiple cloud workloads. Click-to-configure admin and role-based user profiles, groups, and policies.



Federated search of metadata helps IT admins to quickly locate SaaS data for legal and forensics investigations, and discovering custodians.


Digital envelope encryption for data in transit and at rest, and security investigations to search for and isolate ransomware-infected data.


Set up global or profile administrators to support delegation of backup and restore responsibilities to prevent data loss from rogue admins.


Unlimited retention of SaaS data means you can always recover a clean snapshot of your data, even after persistent ransomware threats.



Store, retain, process, and manage backups across 16 global AWS regions to meet your compliance and data residency needs.


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With only one support call, Druva enabled our IT team to seamlessly transition 400 users to SharePoint and OneDrive across locations without extra costs.

Neda Tabatabaie, VP of Business Analytics and Technology
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