Enterprise cloud backup

Fast and secure enterprise cloud backup solutions

Reduce backup costs. Minimize your data center footprint.

Enterprise cloud backup eliminates cost and complexity of managing global backup infrastructure. Reclaim admin hours spent managing and maintaining infrastructure and storage.

Secure, simplified cloud backup and recovery

What makes Druva different

Enterprise cloud backup and unified management of physical, virtual and cloud environments. Global protection with minimal start-up.

Centralized cloud backup and restore for global environments

Accelerate backup/restore performance by consolidating global backups into a single data lake. Simplify disaster recovery, eDiscovery, search and compliance.

Deduplication you won’t find anywhere

Patented source deduplication transmits only unique data blocks to the cloud optimizing network utilization and reducing storage costs.

Comply with data sovereignty

Enterprise cloud backup to any AWS account, zone or region. Replicate backup copies to multiple AWS zones and regions for compliance and data locality.


Reduce overall data protection and TCO costs with enterprise cloud backup and intelligent long-term data retention.

With Druva we can quickly restore local data and access historical data stores in the cloud, both of which happen faster than with our previous on-premises solution.

Ruben Oganesyan, Director of IT
Premiere Networks

Extensive protection

  • VMware, Hyper-V, Oracle, MS-SQL, NAS
  • Windows, Mac, IoS, Android
  • Salesforce, Slack, Office 365, AWS databases

Proactive compliance monitoring

  • Data indexing simplifies file search/restore
  • Actively monitors and audits user activity
  • Violation reports for file, user and email

Secure cloud backup

  • Stops ransomware propagation
  • Encrypts data in-flight and at rest
  • Proactive alerting for unusual file activities


Enterprise cloud backup solutions across hypervisors, infrastructure, databases, cloud applications and smart devices for remote employees.

How it works

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