The World Belongs to Those Who See Its Potential

Every time that I find myself hopping from airport to airport, I love seeing the HSBC “think different” ad campaigns. Some interesting facts I read at Heathrow recently:

  • Brazilian football teams have earned over $1 billion in fees from selling players internationally.
  • On average, Russian billionaires are 19 years younger than those in America.
  • Indian e-tutors generate $20 million annually, teaching english to American students.
  • The Halal industry is worth $3 trillion worldwide.
  • Two Thirds of the Worlds Billionaires Started From Scratch

The last one is definitely my favorite. You can read more about the campaign here.

These captions put forwards a very interesting proposition. They provoke us to think differently. Who would have thought that selling audio oscillators would lay foundation for a billion dollar company (Hewlett Packard).

Disruption always starts small and the key to success is to keep your eyes open about the opportunities around you.