VMworld 2018: Druva Roundup

As a proud sponsor of the VMworld 2018 Show, we would like to thank everyone who visited our booth! This year was a great success and we are excited about the current and new products that we were able to feature; Druva Cloud Platform, Druva Phoenix. inSync, and CloudRanger. Several of our DMaaS experts, customers, and partners successfully lead sessions educating and helping business reach solutions.

It was great to see a bunch of old colleagues, make new friends, and of course, take the #DRUVACHALLENGE. Here’s highlights from the show:

The Druva Challenge

Participants of the Druva Challenge raced to the top of the mountain to see how Druva can help you conquer your mountain of data. Thousands of Druva fans took the challenge. Even the Mountain himself, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, took the challenge, to the delight of everyone there.

Take a look at the featured pictures from the show below (and a few of yours truly):





We also had a few featured customer presentations from GameStop and SailPoint who discussed key IT challenges:


GameStop needed to protect thousands of VMs in 14 countries, with a total of 230TB of data. They are a highly virtualized environment using VMware and SQL Server, with some physical Linux and Windows servers. Their previous solutions were complex and placed them at risk of non-compliance with a number of regulations and laws. Their DR solution was also inefficient and costly.

GameStop uses Druva Phoenix as a centralized data protection service, protecting its entire environment with a single service the team manages from a single pane of glass. GameStop reduced its backup window and now has a fully automated cloud-based DR solution. The Druva Phoenix solution was 70% cheaper than what GameStop was doing.

While GameStop had not initially intended to protect mobile devices, it also added inSync into the mix. GameStop now also protects its users laptops using inSync, and manage both Phoenix and inSync via the unified Druva Cloud Platform.


SailPoint discussed how the company re-evaluated its business’ data recovery approach- expectations and reality were not aligned and the team needed to improve objective times for backup. The company went through an extensive audit process that included a number of criteria that had to be met:

  • Ability for remote data protection and disaster recovery
  • Protection against total site loss
  • Minimizing infrastructure costs

Coming out of the process, the team selected Druva Phoenix, and recognized three keys that made the move to Druva successful and helped position the company for future growth. In moving to Druva Phoenix, the team was able to store more than 40TB worth of data in as little as 18TB through global deduplication which eliminated unnecessary data copies. Druva’s infrastructure on-demand has enabled SailPoint to add more VMs to their backup with minimal impact on total backup size, increasing only by MBs, not TBs.

In addition, SailPoint was able to backup all “mission-critical” data in less that two days, allowing the company to quickly move to backing up essential and non-critical data. In fact, the backup process moved so quickly the team was able to turn its attention to writing a business recovery plan for a complete restore.

Thank you again for visiting our booth at VMworld 2018. We hope you were able to enjoy the quality presentations and break through the cloud to conquer your mountain of data!