VMware and Druva Accelerate Your Path to Cloud

There is no doubt that cloud adoption is growing at a phenomenal rate. VMware’s own research indicates that 54% of their customers are going to the cloud, with 48% believing that cloud is their ideal end state1.

Cloud adoption is all about application and data mobility across hybrid cloud environments to deliver a level of scale and flexibility that is difficult for on-premises data centers to achieve. VMware Cloud on AWS delivers a common platform that quickly gets customers to cloud – without refactoring or reskilling of IT resources.

But once in the cloud, customers are discovering that protecting data across multiple VMware environments with legacy data protection solutions is complex and expensive. Perhaps this explains why 48% of enterprises still operate without any formalized backup or disaster recovery plan2.

What enterprise customers need is a fresh approach to data protection that scales and protects their data across any VMware environment.

Modernizing data protection is a guiding principle for Druva with the goal of simplifying data protection across all VMware environments to protect your apps wherever they are. Watch this video to learn how Druva and VMware work together to modernize and protect both apps and data.


This video is a conversation between Andrew Nielsen, Sr. Director of Workload & Technical Marketing at VMware and Prem Ananthakrishnan, VP of Products & Technology Alliances at Druva. They discuss how successful VMware migrations to the cloud include data protection at the architecture phase and gain results. Highlights of the video include:

  • How customers were able to start backing up VMs across multiple sites in less than 15 minutes
  • Customer trends in adopting VMware Cloud on AWS as a way to quickly consolidate data centers or expand operations into new countries or locations
  • How customers reduce CAPEX and OPEX from not having to purchase or operate backup infrastructure
  • How a customer was able to shut down their leased colo space
  • Why data protection should be baked into the solution design right from the beginning, whether that is for on-prem vSphere deployment or VMware Cloud on AWS

Druva’s true SaaS solution unifies backup and disaster recovery across endpoints, data centers,  SaaS apps and cloud workloads into a single data pool that is managed from a unified console. This unified approach accelerates backup and disaster recovery objectives and eliminates remote IT management overhead. Automatic scaling of infrastructure resources eliminates IT capacity planning tasks while delivering cloud at a predictable cost.

Integration with VMware vCenter APIs allows Druva to restore vSphere virtual machines with app consistent backups. This integration also enables automatic configuration of virtual machines by policy as well as automated backup of new virtual machines when they are added to their VMware environment. Granular recovery options support restoration of single VMDK’s or entire virtual machines to their original or alternate locations.

Go deeper with this technical solution brief to learn how Druva simplifies data protection with cloud-based backup and disaster recovery for all your VMware environments.

1 VMware, 2017
2 Forrester, 2018