Transform data protection with Druva and AWS

Transform Data Protection with Druva and AWS

The persistent growth of data is driving business innovation as enterprises look for cost-effective methods to store their most valuable commodity. Cloud is driving this innovation because it delivers unlimited scalability, mobility and cost savings that on-premises data centers simply cannot duplicate.

But more than just data has been growing. Mobile workers with smart devices, new technology types and cloud-based business services are increasing the volume of data being created and making data protection more challenging than ever. Legacy solutions have been around for three decades and were optimized for client/server environments, which means they rely on hardware and complex software deployments.

Here at Druva, customers are telling us that they want data protection to break down data silos, maintain data availability 24×7 and they don’t want to drag a hardware footprint into the cloud. Understanding these needs, Druva delivers:

  • The market’s only cloud backup and disaster recovery solution built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide customers with unmatched scalability and infrastructure performance. Our SaaS platform deploys in 15 minutes and reduces costs up to 50% by eliminating installation, configuration, and maintenance associated with legacy solutions.
  • The only cloud-native solution that extends the value of cloud by backing up AWS infrastructure and databases into alternative AWS regions or accounts.
  • On-premises and hybrid cloud backup and single-click disaster recovery across all VMware environments, virtualized instances as well as NAS.  We integrate with enterprise tools, such as ServiceNow, allowing customers to issue trouble tickets from the Druva console.
  • Complements to cloud-apps, such as Microsoft Office 365 and Slack, by filling in data protection gaps with cloud-backup ensuring data compliance and instant availability of data if the SaaS  application is not available.

Druva is dedicated to delivering comprehensive data protection that meets the needs of enterprises both today as well as tomorrow. We deliver the most diverse workload support while simultaneously increasing operational scale that drives down costs to create more customer value.

To learn more, join us at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, Dec 2-6, 2019.  This is the perfect opportunity for you to visit booth #1115 for demos, theater presentations or speak with our product experts. For more product  depth, schedule one of our technical sessions to go deeper on how we work with AWS and VMware Cloud on AWS.

If you can’t make it to Las Vegas, be sure to sign up for our technical webinar on Dec 10, 2019 with Jake Burns, Enterprise Strategist, AWS  and Stephen Manley, Chief Technologist from Druva. These leaders have led large scale enterprise migrations into AWS and will be sharing their viewpoints for best practices and tips for a successful cloud migration.