Life At Druva

The First All Hands Meeting at Pune

The team at Druva is spread thin between 5 offices and 4 counties. And this gives all of us little chance to meet the entire team.

Closing series-A investment with Sequoia was probably a good enough reason to hold the first “All Hands” meeting. Everyone from all 5 offices travelled to work 1 week from the  Pune (India) office. And it was great fun.

To begin with, the Iceland volcano made sure everyone flying from Europe and the east coast had to reschedule their flights. And soon after Borja and George boarded flights, Madrid and Istanbul were closed as well. And just before the event I broke my laptop 🙂

Finally when everybody arrived, it was a great cultural mix. The office was no less than the Heathrow airport.

It was mostly work and brainstorming sessions in the mornings and some serious fun in the evenings. We discussed pretty much everything from next big product feature to recipe for Garlic Naan. The week concluded with spending the weekend at a nearby forest resort.

Take away for me – There is no substitute for meeting in person.