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TechWomen & Empowering Women in Tech Around the World

It has been an exciting past four weeks here at Druva, as we had the opportunity to participate and host an emerging leader in the TechWomen program. What is TechWomen? TechWomen is a initiative of the U.S. Department of State that provides participants access to networks, resources, and knowledge. How does Druva come into play? Let’s dive deeper and find out.

TechWomen: A Quick Overview

First let me share a bit more background on what TechWomen is. The program empowers, connects, and supports the next generation of women leaders in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) from Africa, Central and South Asia, and the Middle East by providing the access and opportunity needed to advance their careers, pursue their dreams, and inspire women and girls in their communities. Through mentorship and exchange, TechWomen strengthens participants’ professional capacity, increases mutual understanding between key networks of professionals, and expands girls’ interest in STEM careers by exposing them to female role models.

So how does Druva fit into TechWomen? Easy.

Meet TechWoman Hajra Klair

Part of our culture at Druva includes leadership development opportunities and innovation. With that said, this opportunity came naturally to us. With 100 women from 20 different countries and only 34 host companies in the program, we were honored to participate and host an emerging leader, Hajra Klair. Klair visited us from Pakistan, with a professional background as a computer software engineer, where she currently teaches at one of the STEM universities.

Klair joined TechWomen to not only continue the success of her career in the IT industry, but to also give back to her community, solve social economic problems, and most importantly be a role model to young women. In her four weeks working at Druva, Klair was able to accomplish her goals and more. Her work here included exploring sales database using tools and SQL, performing topic modeling, and extracting a small subset of emails for data analysis. She was able to gain hands-on experience in real-life projects with customers, understand the structure, and learn the customer process from end to end.

Hajra-Julia at TW event at Twitter

In addition to her work experience, Klair had a number of takeaways from living in the Bay Area. When speaking about her experience here, she stated, “There is opportunity for everyone and that’s amazing.” One of Klair’s plans is to take her experience and knowledge back to her country to impact her local community, spread the ripple of women in tech, and she’s hopeful to recruit more women into the program!

I brought the TechWomen program to Druva, as I have been working with the program for over 7 years as a mentor. I joined the program because the idea behind it resonated with me, and I felt it would resonate with Druva would too. The program brings women in tech togethe

r, and the stories and future goals of the women had a major impact on me. I am continually humbled by the program, as I have had the opportunity to network, travel, and be a mentor for women in tech.

The Future

Druva plans to participate in the TechWomen program in the future, playing an even bigger role. We hope to continue to develop the program, host more emerging leaders, and provide a roadmap of structure. We are grateful and honored for the opportunity to not only participate in the program, but host Klair, as she provided extensive value to Druva and the future of our success.

To learn more about Druva and how we are involved in the community visit our career page.