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syncreon Delivers Data Protection Right on Schedule with Druva

Managing backups at remote offices is tough. Resources — personnel, network, and otherwise — often are limited. Multiple borders may complicate matters, such as different countries, time zones, or employee shifts.

For global supply chain company syncreon, these challenges added up quickly. syncreon has more than 120 locations spread across 20 countries. Each location serves different purposes, interacts with different types of data, and has different staffing requirements.

“[Phoenix is] simple… It’s one of the most straightforward products out there. It does what it says.” — Mark Partridge, Global Infrastructure Services Director, syncreon

As a logistics service provider, syncreon excels at managing many moving parts and simplifying complex projects. So when it came to backup, the syncreon IT department needed a solution that was straightforward, reliable, and repeatable across all its offices, despite the wide variance in geography, data, and staffing.

But the system the company had in place was the opposite: It required a time-consuming manual audit process just to make sure backups took place. Worse: The restore process required shipping tapes from a storage facility to syncreon’s headquarters, restoring the data in that location, and then shipping over the network to the remote office server. For a company whose lifeblood is based on delivering results on time and according to plan, that backup process left a lot to be desired.

syncreon needed something better — and timely. With Druva Phoenix, the company IT department can administer the entire backup and restore process from start-to-finish from a single Web console, which reduces dependencies on local staff at remote services.

To learn more about how Druva Phoenix delivers dependable data protection across syncreon’s 120+ locations, read the full story.