Storage Demand Vs Cost and Bandwidth

Read an interesting article at McKinsey Quarterly, which discussed that the storage demand is increasing at a much higher rate than the falling storage pricing. For backups, both the storage cost and the bandwidth availability are not able to catch up with increasing storage demand.

Take iPhone as example. The amount of storage in iPhone has increased from 4Gb to 16GB, but the media and bandwidth available for backup hasn’t changed much.

The problem is particularly challenging for remote and on-the-go backups. Its an interesting fact (i read somewhere) that almost 200 Million enterprise users are working remotely at any given time. And its a very good possibility that they wouldn’t have backed their data. This is where Druvaa inSync comes in. The SendUnique technology, ensures that the duplicate data on enterprise devices is backed up just once, giving a clear 90% advantage for bandwidth and storage used for backup 🙂 Currently we ship the product for only notebooks, but soon plan to cover every device connected to enterprise network from PDA to Servers. Any takers?