Secret Sales Weapon: Kick Ass Customer Support

Secret Sales Weapon: Kick Ass Customer Support

Over 1000+ tickets closed in the last 3 months, 335 tickets were rated by customers and only 3 responses were not positive. Thanks to the fact that the Zendesk plugin doesn’t support decimals, our customer success rate reported this week is 100%! :)

We also recently started a new group called Customer Success. This group focuses on helping customers maximize the value of their investment in inSync. Customer Success periodically checks-in with customers on any unresolved issues, guides them on deployment best practices and/or simply helps them understand new features.

Every customer is special, and we at Druva are committed to delivering a kick-a** experience to each of our customers.

Jaspreet Singh

Jaspreet bootstrapped the company while defining the product, sales and marketing strategies that have resulted in Druva's early and impressive success. Prior to founding Druva, Jaspreet was a member of the storage foundation group at Veritas.