RSA Conference 2016: Apple-FBI Debate, Ransomware and More

The Druva team joined thousands at this year’s RSA Conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA to discuss the hottest topics on the minds of today’s information security professionals.

To Hack or Not to Hack. One of the big topics in privacy and security right now is on whether Apple should or should not grant the government backdoor access to encrypted data. Dave Packer from Druva’s product team weighs in on the implications and what that would mean for the industry.

The big issue at the end of the day is you create that hole and someone is going to try really hard to exploit that hole and it’s always going to be the people you don’t want.

A security breach is a massive pit that companies do not want to fall into. One of the more recent examples involves a Los Angeles hospital being struck by ransomware, which involved data being held hostage for $17K in bitcoin. What are some key takeaways from incidents like this?

With a lot of these challenges today, you’re talking about using a lot of best of breed technology.

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