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Reaching New Heights

From releasing the next version of inSync, to setting up shop in the UK, we’ve had an action packed September. Here’s a few media snippets that showcase our recent achievements.

Druva Software is one of the Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 25 Fast Growth Companies and, one of the Top 6 Companies to Watch out For.  The list has been put together by the AII World Network. 

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Druva Software is one of Business World’s Change Agents featured in this month’s edition. The article features 10 emerging companies with the potential to change the contours of the Indian Infotech Industry. 

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Says Manek, writing for ZDNet: “… Data deduplication and WAN optimisation have been well-established technologies in the storage and enterprise backup…  But this is the first time that they’ve been brought together in a laptop backup system. …if it works, it could be all what you need.”

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Caroline Donnelly writes for CRN: “If you lose the data stored on laptops and servers, your business is pretty    much ruined… (inSync) significantly reduces the bandwidth and storage required to back up data on laptops.”

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Jean-Jacques Maleval The Storage Newsletter features Druva commencing operations in the UK with the release of inSync  v4.0  saying: “…inSync’s application-aware deduplication approach makes the backup process more efficient and  cost- effective by significantly reducing storage bandwidth and capacity needs.”  

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Chris Mellor, writing for The Register on inSync: “The software sniffs or checks what type of network connection ….and optimizes the style of network transmission, with smart bandwidth throttling, so as to minimize the network burden.”  

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Steve Evans for CBR writes of inSync: “…faster and less obtrusive than other products on the market.” 

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Says Claus Egge, writing of Druva inSync v4.0 on his blog: “Mobility has complicated backup and restore for many years. By addressing the pain points of bandwidth and performance (these) mobile computers finally stand a chance of getting proper protection with Druva.” 

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